Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Catch up or Just Start Over....

So I took many months off from blogging - I just couldn't find the time to do it and I lost track of it all together.  I don't know how people are able to update their blogs every day - it's so time consuming. 
So, since the last time I blogged lots of things have happened.  The biggest one being I had a baby on June 29th and I am now the mother of two beautiful little girls.  Zoe is now going on almost 22 months - she will be TWO in December!  I am just not sure where the time has gone and what I can do to get it back! 
I have been debating if I go back and try to update from the last 8 months or just scrap it and start fresh from Ava's birth.  That would be the easiest way to do it - but that kind of hoses Zoe from having a nice little memory keeper for the second year of her life.  Besides, I document enough with pictures I could probably go back and highlight some things from the last several months and then get back up to speed. 
I went to update Ava's baby book the other night and decided to pull Zoe's out and see where I was at on hers too - I stopped at 6 months - what a horrible mother.  Although I have tried to rationalize it by thinking that if I was spending all of this time updating a blog and her baby book than I wouldn't have been enjoying her so much - I would be doing those things while I could be playing with her or I would be up way too late trying to do them when she was sleeping and then be tired when we were together.  Whatever, I just know that I would like to get back on it - all of it - the blogging and the baby book updating.  My girls deserve it!  And I can do both and still be a very active mother - there are women out there doing it every day!
Besides, if I had something like this to look back on now that I am raising my own kids it would be so great.  I recall things from my childhood but I certainly don't recall it the way this will help my girls remember.  We have a whole new world of technology at our fingertips and I am going to use it to the best of my ability. 
I am not a writer - I have no plans of becoming one, nor do I think I want to be one or would be any good at it.  I just know that I want to have something around for my girls to read when they are older to recall some of the great times we had when they were babes. 

So, here we go again - fresh start - but first I am going to update with some of the things we did with Zoe during her second year and during my second pregnancy. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Twinsfest 2009 - 1/25/2009

It's that time of year again - getting ready for BASEBALL SEASON! I love this time of the year - the countdown to spring training - the start of spring and better weather!
This is the second year we have taken Zoe to Twinsfest - this year Rob was able to join us too. I was very excited about this year in particular because Nick Punto was there signing autographs and I was determined to get his autograph and have Zoe meet him.
We got to the dome and were getting ready to buy our tickets and this woman comes up to us and asked if we still needed tickets. We told her yes and she handed us two tickets explaining that her friends were unable to join her and they were going to go to waste. I couldn't believe - she was giving us these tickets - for free! I asked her twice if she was sure and that we would be more than happy to give her something for them - she said she had been given them anyway so she was glad someone could use them. it was so great - things like that remind me that there are still good people around and not everyone is out to make a buck. Thank you so much to that nice woman - what a great start to our day!

We made it in to the dome and headed down to the field. There were quite a bit of people there - it was nice - all of the money spent that day goes toward the Twins charities for kids so it is a great cause.
Mom, Zoe and I got in line to get Nick's autograph - we were able to get three items signed by him and Boof since we had three people. Nick was super cute in person and so nice - he greeted Zoe and I with a big smile and asked how old she was and told us how cute she was - I couldn't disagree she is pretty cute. Both guys were really nice to us and we really appreciated it and thought it was pretty cool. I was even more surprised at how nice they were because if you could have seen the line that had formed for the guys that were signing after them you would have realized how it may have been a bit disheartening that all of these people are waiting in line - but not to see them - they are there an hour early for someone else! Oh well, it worked out well for us cause we were able to go right to the front of the line. Thanks Nick and Boof!
We spent an hour or so walking around and checking out all of the booths. They had a big display for the new stadium which was pretty cool. They had a big life like display of the actual stadium and what it is going to look like - they had actual seats that will be in the stadium - they are all wider and much more comfortable than what is in the dome now. How nice will that be!

We walked by a booth that was there for Cambria granite products - they have a big dragon that is their mascot - who knew! Zoe spotted him but did not want to get too close - recall the aversion to large furry creatures. The Cambi dragon was pretty funny though - he would creep toward her and get just as close as Zoe would let him! It was cute!
Cambi attempting to give Zoe high five - not so much!

I also had the opportunity to meet Al Newman - he had a booth at the fest that was promoting his new charity. He was so nice - he noticed that my brother matt was trying to take a pic of him signing my baseball so he actually offered to let me come back there and take a picture with him. It was pretty funny - he told matt I could come back there as long as he didn't mind him hugging on his wife - Matt replied - you can do whatever you want to her she is my sister! Just then I see Rob step up and say but she is my wife! We just all laughed! Its kind of hard to see but we sort of have matching bellies!

After some more walking we decided to sit and have a bite to eat. Zoe had a good ol time playing with Grandma Sharon's soda bottle top. it was pretty funny she was trying to put it back on the bottle and she was actually getting pretty close to doing it!

A fun day was had by all! Now we just can't wait for the season to start and to get to a game. Most likely our first game will be for Matt's birthday - it typically is so not sure why we change the tradition this year!

Zoe's First Birthday Party - 1/17/09

yes I realize that my child is already a year old but as most know our first attempt at a birthday party was foiled as Zoe ended up with the Croup and we had to cancel. So, here we go again! Zoe's cakes - one to eat, one to smash!

It was a great turn out - we had all of our close friends and family there to help us celebrate our daughter turning a year old. It was a big deal for me to have a party for her - more for me I presume than it was for her but I just felt that every kid should have a party for their first birthday.

We went with Elmo and friends as our theme - we had really cute decorations - my mom outdid herself as usual with the decorations and balloons. it was great. Everyone pitched in and helped us with food too - Rob and I did pulled pork sandwiches, Nana Lynne did a chicken salad (at Rob's request), grandma sharon made cheesy potatoes, grandma sue made a brocolli salad and Missy made chuckwagon stew (baked beans with meat if you are so inclined). It was all wonderful and really made it so nice for us not to have to worry about making all of that food on our own! What great friends and family we have!

We had lots of kids there too - having the party at the church worked out perfect because they had a "nursery" that was full of toys that kept the kids busy and they all seemed to have a good time playing together.

Zoe made out like a bandit with gifts - as if she needed anything but we sure did appreciate all of the wonderful gifts she received.

Missy made sure Zoe had her own cake to smash up - it was from Byerlys and it was so good - but the frosting was kind of thick so she had some issues really being able to SMASH it - but she definitely got plenty of frosting and a little cake!

Check it out!

And here she is having at her cake!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Sesame Street Live - Elmo's Green Thumb - 1/14/09

A couple of months ago I heard about the Sesame Street Live gang coming to town and the show was all about Elmo and his flower. What could be more perfect for my child who is in love with Elmo and Sesame Street! I ordered tickets and was able to get enough so, Rob, Zoe, my mom and I could all go to the show for pretty inexpensively.
Of course the night the show was on was one of the coldest nights of the winter. Luckily the show was at Target Center so we were able to park in the ramp and get over to the TC through the skyway.

We had pretty decent seats - they only used half of the floor so only half of the seats were sold and they only sold on the lower level. We were off to the side - but it was good - Zoe was just far enough away to not be freaked out by all of the big furry characters. If you recall my post about a month ago she is still not a fan of large furry creatures up close!

The show started and Bert and Ernie were the first on stage - they started a song that had all of the characters coming out and singing about the letter of their name. All the characters were out on the stage except for one! Bert asked the kids - who is missing - some of them were able to yell out ELMO! All of a sudden Elmo comes bounding out to the center of the stage - my child instantly got so excited and yelled - MELMO! That was the first time we had heard her vocalize her love for this red furry creature. She immediately started throwing kisses to Elmo on stage - it was so adorable!
This was our first attempt at bringing her to something other than a sporting event - where sitting in seats was required. She did such a great job - there was an intermission so she was able to have a snack and hang with grandma while mommy and daddy went to the bathroom and got Zoe a keepsake from the show. She absolutely needed another little Zoe doll - cause every 13 month old should have several! I know, I spoil her but she deserved it - she was so good.

Toward the end she did start to get restless - but in her defense she was tired and it was past her bedtime.
here are a few shots from the show:

Random things that occur when Z and I are home alone - 1/11/09

So, as most know Zoe and I spend a lot of time alone together in the evenings. Rob spends his time with her during the day and then has to work at night so we are left to our own devices quite often. I decided that Zoe's hair was getting long enough and thought I would try out the little bows I had bought a while back. I wasn't really sure how they would work in her hair and if she would even let them stay in her hair.

So, while she was eating dinner one night I put one in - result below!

She also decides that she needs to wear things in/on her head that don't necessarily suit the moment - but who am I to stifle her creativity. She could be the next Rachel Zoe and be designing for famous people some day! We were snuggling in the chair before bed and she spotted her hat on the table (I am sure Rob left it there, cause that is where it belongs). She wanted it so I gave it to her and she let me help her put it on. So there she was sitting on my lap with her ducky pjs on and her Abby Caddaby winter hat on - she's so silly!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Supper Club - 1/10/09

This month is our traditional white elephant/holiday gathering. The Green's graciously agreed to let us all invade their home this time. We normally go to the Bayer's but the number of people in our group, especially the little ones, has made that spot a little crowded when the whole group is present.

All were in attendance this weekend so that was great - Rob has had to miss the last few months because of his work schedule so it was nice to have everyone there.

Zoe was slow to work her way down to the floor to play with Malaya and Kailyn but once she did she was in toddler heaven. Kailyn has come cool toys that we haven't gotten for Zoe yet so she had a ball playing with those. Her and Malaya also played so well down on the floor - Zoe didn't bop her on the head at all!

At one point I looked over at Zoe and it turns out Kailyn had helped her do some accessorizing - so dang funny! I like to say she was channeling her inner Olivia Newton-John!

We all had a great time playing the white elephant game - we both ended up with great presents - I got a vac for my car, Rob got a bag full of outdoor goodies. It was really fun - it almost felt like old times at Supper Club.

After eating and game playing the kids were back to playing with the toys. Zoe was not happy about leaving but she was headed to Gma Sharon's for the night! Mommy and Daddy were going to my company party at the Hotel Sofitel! A night with grownups - crazy! We were home by 11 and both asleep by midnight - not quite the party animals we used to be!

I walk! 1/7/09 (13 months ol)

I am officially a walker! I have graduated from the world of Creepers and can now walk on my own without help from mom and dad. I am still pretty wobbly and not always sure of myself but I sure like walking! Check me out - I only walk right at the beginning but the whole video is only about 3 minutes long. You can hear mommy all giddy in the background - she loves to see me walk!


Meeting Elmo! 1/4/09

Our first big event of the new year was heading to Creative Kidstuff in Maple Grove to meet Elmo! They had Elmo in the store to help promote the upcoming Sesame Street Live show that was coming to town - which we already have tickets for!
We took Grandma Sharon with us to the store - first mommy had to return a teether that she had bought there months before and never used. It was one of those weird ones that vibrated and was supposed to sooth with the vibrations - mom fell for it in the store but never took it out of the package. They exchanged it for her and I ended up with a brand new toy through the whole deal! I get pretty lucky like that A LOT!

It was time for Elmo to come out and there was no one else at the store except for me, mommy and Gma Sharon. Mom was surprised at how few people were there - but it was okay by me.

Gma Sharon was holding me and I saw Elmo out of the corner of my eye. And from a distance he seemed okay. Gma Sharon started walking closer to him and I wasn't quite sure I needed to be quite that close. I politley told Gma Sharon - No, no!
This was a close as I would get - and I wasn't real happy about this even.
Mommy talked me in to going with her and posing for a picture with Elmo - since she was with me I was okay with it. We took a quick picture and that was that!

Elmo was hanging out and dancing a little bit - then more kids started to show up so it was time for us to go. Hope you like my pictures!

New Years Eve - 12/31/2008

We opted for a family friendly New Year's Eve celebration this year. Last year I was at home alone for most of the night because Rob was working and Zoe was only a few weeks old and I had no desire to go anywhere anyway. Rob did make it home that night just before midnight so I wasn't actually alone when the ball dropped which was good - especially for him - I might have hurt him if he hadn't gotten home in time.

This year we went to Mike and Sara's house. They have a son named Brandon who Zoe absolutely loves! And he is so good with her - they are quite fun to watch. Missy and Travis were there and Jill and John showed up later on.

We had lots of food and there was plenty to drink! Since Sara and I are both pregnant we decided to make Cherry Limeades for ourselves so we had something fun to drink during the evening. I have to say, they were so good that others were drinking them too - although I think they may have been spiking theirs!

We planned on a night of Wii! Missy brought the drums and guitar and we brought our Wii console. Rock Band here we come! Brandon immediately loved playing the drums and was actually pretty good at it!
Zoe had fun playing with all of Brandon's toys!

She even got in to the Rock Band and wanted to be the drummer! And I have to tell you these pictures of her drumming are taken just before midnight. This child would not go to bed - we brought the packnplay so she could lay down and each attempt was very unsuccessful so we just let her stay up!

Midnight came, we had a champagne toast - I had some NA Sparkling Juice - Rob, Zoe and I had a group kiss! It was a perfect night! And Zoe fell asleep in the car on the way home and went right to bed when we got home! She was pooped!

Christmas at Dad and Sue's -12/27/07

This is officially our last Christmas celebration - thank goodness! Matt, Tanya, Shawn, Zoe, Sue, Dad and I gathered at Dad and Sue's house to celebrate Christmas - Rob had to work - BOO!
We had a great meal and hung out and played.

Zoe got to once again open a couple of gifts. With her birthday and Christmas being so close together she may think it's going to be like this all year long!

Dad and Sue got us a great gift - we got DVD players for the car - so now when we travel for a longer period we can have something to keep Zoe entertained in the car!

Christmas Day night at home - 12/25/08

After all of our festivites over the past two days we headed home so Zoe could open her gifts from Santa and mommy and daddy. There was also a large gift that had been dropped off by Travis and Missy - mom was the most intrigued as to what that could be!
Zoe got a bath and got all lathered up with lotion so she was all set to open presents!

The large gift from Missy and Travis was a rocking giraffe- so awesome! She loved him - she was giving him hugs and kisses - we set her on top of him and that was a different story. I guess she will have to warm up to the rocking aspect!
Zoe had a grand ol time opening her gifts. Some of them she preferred to sit on before and even after she opened them. It was a great day, great night and a great holiday! We look forward to next Christmas when we will have our new baby to enjoy the holiday with as well!

Christmas Day at the Draegers and Matt's - 12/25/08

We got up Christmas morning and found this pile in our living room! Santa definitely stopped by to see Zoe. Zoe had some breakfast, while she made funny faces at mommy. She was definitely getting in to the spirit of the day! What a little ham!
After breakfast we got ready to go to the Draegers for a chili lunch and spending time with some family. My mom was in charge of most of the food - I volunteered to bring mini cornbread muffins - I got up quite early and made dozens of them all morning - I love my convection oven - it makes the first batch and the last batch just as yummy!

Matt, Tanya, Shawn and my mom were at my grandparents house, along with our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! It was a full house - and it quickly got real warm in there! Zoe sported her dress again today - she was looking so cute. I think she got over heated though because after we ate I noticed her upper arms and thighs were beat red and hot to the touch. It kind of freaked me out - but she doesn't like to be too hot anymore than I do so I understood. We stripped her down and put her in a more comfortable outfit and that seemed to do the trick.
Four generations of ladies!

After things wrapped up at my grandparents we decided to head to my brothers house so we could do our gift exchange with my mom. This is typically the day that we reserve to be with my mom and it's a really nice tradition.

There was one more announcement that had to be made on this lovely day as well. Matt and Tanya are now engaged to be married. Matt popped the question on Christmas Eve and Tanya said yes. We are very excited for them and can't wait for the wedding!

We got to my brother's house and did presents right away. Both kids were chomping at the bit - and I mean Shawn and my brother! Hehe!

Tanya had not given Shawn his big present yet so that was fun to see him open up - he got an art easel and all the fixins (paper, pens, pencils, scissors, the whole nine) He was very excited.

Zoe opened up some presents too - of course there was a strong Elmo theme, as usual. Grandma Sharon got in on the action too! And if you can believe it Uncle Matt even got a present or two!

Zoe had some more fun opening gifts and then playing with the boxes and tissue paper. We all could have saved ourselves lots of money and just got the paper and boxes! Oh well!

After the gifting was over we thought it would be a good idea to play guitar hero. Rob and I have never tried it so we thought it might be fun. I was horrible at it but it was a great time. We had a great day with family!