Sunday, September 21, 2008

Liz Goodman Logelin Memorial 5K Walk/Run

Today was the first annual Liz Goodman Logelin Memorial 5K Walk/Run. I never knew Liz and I don't even know her husband Matt, or their daughter madeline. But, I have read Matt's blog since his daughter was born and his wife tragically passed away 27 hours after giving birth. It's a sad, sad story but it also is a story with so much hope and lessons to teach. Matt chronicles his days with his daughter Madeline in his blog and he has really grabbed parenting by the horns. Most new parents I have known are always so concerned about bringing their kids out and exposing them to the world - Matt has no fear - but why would he - the worst has already happened to him - he lost the love of his life. I admire him so much - he takes Maddy to the store with him, he takes her to the park, he takes her to restaurants and does it with such confidence. I have tried to do the same thing with Zoe - she was born in Dec and it was extremely cold those first couple of months - but aside from that I am pretty comfortable taking her just about anywhere. And I guess that is part of why we both have such laid back little girls. Zoe is pretty content just about anywhere - as long as she has a clean diaper, is fed and rested - she is good to go. From what I can tell - Madeline is the same way and I am certain it is because he has made a point of socializing her, instead of hiding in the house - which most people would probably not blame him for. But, as matt has often said - it's harder to be at home most times - too many memories and too quiet.

So, this weekend marked the first annual walk in memory of Liz. I was so excited to be able to be a part of this event. The walk was held at Lake Calhoun - and Matt and maddy flew in from LA this weekend to participate with their families. I recruited Missy and Ellie to walk with Zoe and I. When we arrived at the Lake there were a lot of people there already - we were able to spot them pretty easily as the majority were wearing pink in honor of Liz's favorite color.

I spotted matt and maddy right away as Matt was holding Maddy above his head as he does quite often in the photos he shares on the blog. She was even cuter in person, but appeared much smaller than she does in photos.

It was a little overwhelming at first - I wasn't sure if I should go up and introduce myself, let him know I had a little gift for him and Madeline or just remain anonymous as I have done thus far. Just as I was contemplating this in my head - Gma Candee (Liz's mother) came over and said hello and commented on Zoe's GOA onesie. She was so nice - she has a great laugh! She fawned over Zoe for a couple of minutes and I decided to just ask her what I should do with the gift I brought - I told her what it was and she thought it was a good idea for me to go put it in the diaper bag so he could find it later. I now know first hand where Liz got her great spirit from - what an awesome lady! I am so glad that she came over and said hello - that meant a lot!

So, I put the gift in the diaper bag and then decided to go over and say hello to Matt and let him know it was there. I brought Zoe over and we said hello, said a quick hello to maddy and that was that. We were about to start the walk so I didn't want to take too much of his time and I still have a hard time with the whole face to face thing. It's strange when you read someone's blog for so long and then you have the opportunity to meet them - you would have thought I would be dying to talk to him and hold his baby - much like most of the other women there, but I just still don't feel like its my place. I can't quite put my finger on it because I don't think there is anything wrong with the others that have become his friends through all of this but for me I just haven't been able to take that step. Maybe some day - maybe next year at the walk after some time has passed it may feel more natural.

It was a beautiful day in Mpls today and a great day for a walk to honor such a beautiful woman. I feel fortunate to have been able to be a part of the day and to have seen some of Liz and Matt's family and friends. We look forward to participating again next year when I am certain that it will be an even larger event!

Missy's birthday

It's official Miss is 32! It's okay - she doesn't look a day over 21 - just ask Taxi Bob!

Gma Sue picked Zoe up Friday afternoon so I could spend the evening helping missy celebrate her birthday - grown up style!

We had a great evening planned - River Rocks Music Festival was going on Friday and Saturday at Harriet Island. Some great bands scheduled to play so we headed to the St Paul for some tunes. I have to admit this was a great plan for Missy's birthday but I was pretty pumped to see O.A.R. in concert. I have not had a chance to see them live before so I was looking forward to it.

Missy, Travis and I got to Harriet Island about 5:30 - rob was golfing and was meeting us later on. The first band on for the night was locals White Iron Band - unfortunately they were finishing up their set as we walked through the gate. No worries, plenty of good stuff still to come. And we use to see White Iron Band play at the Cabooze all of the time back in the day. We heard them as we walked up to the park, they still sound good!

We hadn't heard that there was any rain in the forecast but the skies looked pretty gloomy - as we entered the park and got our beers it started sprinkling. Nothing too major but enough that we were seeking some shelter. The great volunteers were letting people huddle under the tents that they were using for ticket sales, etc. The rain came through pretty quickly and was gone pretty quick too so that was good.

The next band up was Ozomatli - some friends had told us that we had to be sure to get there early enough to hear these guys - claiming they were incredible. I have to say our friends were dead on - they were amazing. I find it hard to even describe what they were about - but they were incredible. They are from LA and their sound was so diverse and unique. I would say they were a mix of the Long Beach All Stars and 311 - see what I mean - so hard to really nail it down. They put on a great show - when their set was over they came down in to the crowd and made a drum circle - too cool. You just don't see a lot of bands interacting with their fans and audience like that anymore - it was awesome.

After Ozomatli was done - it was time for Jakob Dylan - yep, he's a great musician but not exactly the up beat, get down kind of performance we were looking for. We took this as an opportunity to get some food in our bellies and find Rob. So, after what seemed like a really long set from Jakob Dylan - and I really mean no disrespect, it just wasn't what we were looking for, it was time for O.A.R. To some it may seem weird that I am an O.A.R. fan - a lot of people compare them to Dave Matthews - of whom I am not a big fan. They have a lot of the same fan base - but I don't consider myself a typical fan because I am not a DMB fan - not sure if that really means anything but I like to clarify on those things. What I like about O.A.R. is their energy and sound - they are a little more poppy than some bands I typically listen to - but I like them - plain and simple - I just enjoy their music and I will stop trying to justify that now.

The minute they took the stage I was amped - I danced my tail off for their entire set - they sounded great, they refrained from too much talking considering they only had about an hour and a half to perform, it was great. I took some pictures they turned out terrible but I will share one anyway!

We were actually closer than this picture shows. After a few songs though we opted for a location a little farther back and with more room to dance - we were all squished together up close and we all know how I like crowds!

Most important thing of the whole night was that it was Missy's birthday and I wanted to make sure she had a great time! She said she did and here is a picture to prove it!

And here is one of me and my baby! He finally made it!

After the show was over we all headed back to the hood and found Jason and Ellie and enjoyed the rest of the evening with them. It was a great night and Missy had a great birthday! Success!

Zoe's New Friend

We had dinner over at some friends' last Saturday - they have three adorable boys. They have a little boy that is about three months younger than Zoe and their middle son is almost three. He loved Zoe - we have had the kids together before but this time it seemed different - I suppose its because Zoe is getting bigger and more mobile - so she appears to be a little more interesting. Jack was so cute - he let her play with all of his toys and he was so attentive to her. Here are a few pictures of them playing together - they have this great little "play hut" that Zoe thought was pretty cool. They had a bunch of those little plastic balls and all she really wanted to was bite them! They had fun though!

Chomping on the toys! Jack really tried convincing her that she could throw them and other fun stuff but she insisted on trying to eat them!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zoe's 9 month pictures

Well, it was that time again - another milestone to document. My baby is nine months old so we must get pictures taken! She is so fun to bring to these sessions so why wouldn't I be excited. I brought a couple of cute outfits and her Halloween costume. JCPenney had a special this month surrounding halloween so I thought we should go for it. Zoe's costume is a giraffe - yes, totally indulges mommy but honestly for the first couple years it's all about me and then when she can pick it will be all about her - I swear! At least that is what I will let her think! Teehee!
It was a little more interesting this time - last time at her 6 month appt - I set her down on the floor and the girl just started snapping pics cause my adorable daughter was sitting there laughing and smiling like she had just won the lottery. She was not crawling so much at that time so sitting was good enough and she was content.
This time however, our child is mobile and she does not like to be told not to be! But, she was good - I wanted a couple of her standing cause she is standing all of the time and I thought it would be a good progression from the last ones when she was sitting in all of the shots - do I think too much about this - possibly - but I fear it won't end any time soon! So, the girl had brought in this cute little white bench - I put Zoe down next to it - she grabbed right on and stood there and smiled pretty for a few shots. Then we had her sit and she did okay for a few - then I popped in to a couple of pics with her - we hadn't had any of the two of us taken since her 3 month ones so we were due. They were cute - she told me to hold her so we were nose to nose - little does she know that when my child is that close to my face she attempts to eat it! But, they turned out quite well - in fact that was one of my fave's she is grabbing my face and her nose is scrunched into mine - it's actually very sweet - she appears to like me a little!
So, then we got her costume on - mind you, I hadn't tried it on her yet so this was new for all of us - it fit perfectly. We got some great shots - she attempted to crawl away so there are a few pics when you can't see her face but you can see the giraffe head and face - classic!
We got one pic of her in her super cute Twins outfit - she was pretty much done at that point. It was okay - we got lots of good ones as usual. As I tell most people - I could wallpaper my house with my baby's face - people would find it weird but I would so be okay with it. Seriously - she is that cute - I realize I may be biased - but I really do think she is that cute. When she squinches up her nose and smiles at you - it just doesn't get any better than that.
I will post some of the pics when I get them online.

Lung Run/Walk

We participated in our second annual Lung Run/Walk on Saturday the 13th. I say we because technically Zoe participated last year as well she was just still in my tummy - but she made her presence known that is for sure! It was a much easier walk this year. We walk in this event each year to remember and honor my friend Tracy's mom Norma. She died a couple of years ago and she gave a tough fight against cancer before she passed. Norma was the best - she was one of my favorite mom's of all my friends growing up. She loved Tracy and her brothers so much and that naturally extended to their friends. I spent lots of really fun times with Tracy's family - Twins games, swimming in their pool, going to the cabin, etc.
So, this year we had a few new members to Norma's Crew - Zoe and Malaya and Chance (golden retriever). It was a dreary morning - kind of spitting rain when we got to Lake Calhoun - we all came prepared though - because we were walking regardless. Zoe was bundled up in her stroller, Malaya was bundled in her stroller and Kailyn rode atop her mom and dad's shoulders - taking turns. Once we got in line to start the walk it started raining harder - we got almost half way around the lake and it stopped raining completely and then was fine the rest of the walk. It was nice to just walk and talk to some friends. Tracy's younger brother Trent walks with us as well with his girlfriend Amanda. They are great people - they enjoy similar music and enjoy going to live shows - I have run in to them on more than one occasion - most recently at the State Fair for Tea Leaf Green at the Heritage Square stage. And we will surely run in to them again this coming weekend at the River Rocks Festival. Good people!
So, we are already making plans to participate in the Lung Run/Walk 2009 - who knows maybe I will be walking with number two on the way! Hehe!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Laurie to London

So, my sister in law Laurie is getting ready to head back over the pond. She has been back for a few months from her study abroad trip. She loved it over there so much that since she has been back she has been trying to figure out a way to get back! Well, she did it! She joined a program that sets the kids up with a work visa, job and a place to stay. Laurie is going to be working at a pub in downtown London - and she will be living in an apt on top of the pub. Does it get any cooler than that? Understandably she is so excited - but also anxious about the situation. The last time she was there she was with a big, organized group from school. This time, she knows one girl that will be there at the same time.
When I was in high school and college the whole study abroad concept was just coming around. I had a couple friends that went on a couple trips - but other than I never knew anyone that took advantage of a study abroad. These days you are hard pressed to meet a person that has just recently graduated that has not done some sort of study abroad. It's an awesome thing - I only hope that when Zoe is ready for these types of experiences that we can afford to help send her.


I finally made it to the dentist last week for a cleaning - it had been awhile - we'll leave it at that. I had a filling that had popped out the week before so I actually had to go back this week to have that filled. I hadn't had a cavity or Novacain since I have had Zoe. It was interesting because I used to get really anxious at the thought of my dentist sticking a needle in my gums. Call me strange - but it just doesn't seem natural. However, your perspective tends to change after you have delivered a 8lb 8 oz baby from your lady space. Basically what I am trying to say is that it just didn't hurt like it used to. I guess what they say is true - after child birth - it's hard to get too worked up about too much else.
My teeth are good - and I have promised to floss twice a day! Good grief - who has time to floss two times a day - we're about to find out!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Baby is 9 months old!

Zoe is officially 9 months old. It's so crazy to think that we are already closer to her first birthday than we are to her day of birth. She has brought so much to our lives - to our family and friends lives. Who knew such a small person could change so many people. Before I had Zoe I never knew that I could love someone so much - I love my husband dearly but the love I have for this child is so different. My heart aches when I am at work and can't see her - or when we go out of town and have to leave her with grandparents - I know she is fine - but I just love being with her. Her smile literally makes my heart go nuts - when she smiles at me it's one of the best feelings ever.

So, Rob and I took Zoe to her 9 month dr appt today. They love to see her at the dr's office - she just beams at all of the staff when we walk in and then the nurse and doctor get all sorts of smiles and babbling. Zoe weighed in at 22 lbs and 10 oz, 28 inches long and her noggin has reached 17.5 inches. Her brain is getting big! She is in the 95th percentile in weight and 75th in height and head circumference.

She did so great with her shots today - our nurse Cynthia (love her) had to prick Zoe's finger today (we had never had to do this before), they were checking her hemoglobin and lead levels. Of course Cynthia was preparing for the worst as she got ready to stick Z's finger and Zoe continued to just smile and giggle at her - oblivious as to what was about to happen. Cynthia pricked her finger and Zoe did not cry at all - she continued to sit there and smile at her. We were all pretty surprised. She is such a little trooper! She did great with her other shots as well.

In fact as I write this Zoe is beginning to stir from her nap. Some days this child can be absolutely perfect. Some days - not so much! I would wager a guess that she probably feels the same about me and her dad!

Happy Nine Month birthday baby girl! We love you more than we can express in words!

Ben and Lauren's Wedding

The day was finally upon us - Ben and Lauren tying the knot! We were all so excited for this big day to come! Ben and Lauren were getting married in Lake City, MN at the Hok-si-la Park. A little history on Hok-Si-La - ben's parents have been camping at this park for 37 years - they started going with their high school friends every Memorial day and to this day - they all still go every Memorial day and now their kids go, with their friends, significant others, kids, etc in tow. It is a huge "family" and we were so excited to finally get a chance to be part of it. The Styba's have invited us in the past but we have not been able to make it so we were Hok-Si-La virgins!

Will and Meagan rode with us to Lake City - it was nice to be able to talk to them on the way down. We were able to get out to dinner with them once while they were here too but it was really nice to just have the four of us in the truck - talking. We miss them when they are in Georgia so it was great to spend so much time with them last week while they were in town. baby Rhys is such a doll and growing so fast!

We got to Lake City about an hour before the ceremony was supposed to start - we all were camping so we had tents to get set up but we decided to wait until the time between the ceremony and dinner - Lauren had been able to get about an hour for us to all get situated before dinner.

The ceremony was beautiful - Lake Pepin was the backdrop for the altar and it was a perfect day. There were a ton of sailboats on the lake and about half way through the ceremony a barge came through and blew its horn - it was kind of funny!

Here is a pic of the wedding party at the altar:
And the happy married couple after the ceremony:

So cute!

After the ceremony we made our way to the truck and got our gear - we had to set up our tents in less than an hour and get back to the cocktail hour. Me and Rob's tent was really easy - we have used it several times and we finally sprung for a nice tent a couple years ago that goes up really easy. Rob practically put ours up by himself. Will and Meagan's was a different story - since they were on vacation they didn't have all of their own gear so they used a tent from Will's parents - it was a hotel! It was a 6 person tent and none of us had any idea how to set it up - the guys and Meagan did great figuring it out and got it up without too much trouble. It was pretty funny though - it took like 5 people to get this tent up!

Left: our tent up and now trying to figure out the other one

Below: Success - both tents up! Time to party!

After we finished getting camp set up it was time for dinner. They had a good buffet meal - they had chicken and ribs, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit and rolls. And they had all the wine and beer we could drink! It was a great dinner! And they had cupcakes from Woullett's bakery at all of the tables! So yummy!

The reception dance was about to start - they had a live band - a live BLUEGRASS BAND. It was so great. Pert Near Sandstone came down from the cities to play at their reception - they were a great group of guys - very talented musicians. A great time was had by all. The dance ended about 9pm. After the dance was over we all made it back to our sites and had camp fires started. Of course - as well all sat around enjoying each other and having a good time - RAIN. It started raining - not hard - just annoying - but then it picked up - we had one of Rob's golf umbrella's so we grabbed that. The guys got together and went to the reception area and grabbed the very large tent that had been covering the bar area and carried to the main camp site so we had some protection. Ben's parents had brought several pounds of hot dogs so we all got to grill our own dogs and have a snack! it was such a great night and a great wedding. it was a perfect celebration to bring ben and lauren together as a forever couple. they are so much in love and were surrounded by all of the people that love them - it was a great day!

Thank you to Ben and Lauren for letting us celebrate your wonderful day together.
The Crew:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sunday the 31st - Bachelorette Party

Okay - so the guys had their fun on Saturday night - its the ladies turn!

We started off with dinner, drinks and gifts at Becca's house. It was really nice - there was so much great food - and it was really nice to be able to hang with the ladies and talk and actually have some adult conversation. I love my daughter but you need that sometimes. Here is Molly and I enjoying the food and beers - Lauren was trying to get us with food in our mouth - we escaped that site!

We went to the Uptown for the evening. Our first stop was the rooftop bar at Drink. - all i can say is interesting. I really haven't been keeping up with the bar scene since I got pregnant and have been okay with it. I still am okay with it - it was great to be out for Lauren's big night but on a normal night - just not my scene. It's interesting as I get older what I find a good time - I enjoy hanging with my child and her dad, shopping, listening to music, etc. But bar hopping - unless it is for something like this - just does not intrigue me. It used to - I am not trying to act all high and mighty - trust me, I have done my time as a bar hopper - but at the ripe old age of 33 it just isn't high on my priority list. And when I do go out I enjoy a sports bar (watch a Twins, Wild game) or a small, hole in the wall place that serves really good beer and is a place where you can just be yourself. You can dress up if you want to or you can wear your favorite pair of jeans and no one seems to care - that's my kind of place. Just somewhere I can be my self and preferably listen to some good music.

Back to the evening - these girls were a ton of fun - I can't go without saying that. They know how to have fun and we were all there to make sure Lauren enjoyed her "last night out as a single lady". I am fairly confident that is was a successful mission indeed. The group went to four bars total - I left after the third - Rob picked me up shortly after midnight. I just can't hang the way I used to!

The roof bar at Drink. was my personal favorite - we had a nice little area to ourselves - it was not too crowded and they had decent beer.

We ran in to a friend that was oh so kind to share his photog skills and get a picture of the whole group of ladies:

The next stop was to be Bar Abilene - evidently because we were out on a Sunday night they called it an earlier night at the Bar Abilene - they were already putting the chairs on tables at 10pm. Go figure - so we headed Stella's (another rooftop on a great night). Stella's rooftop was much more crowded - it's a different layout so not as easy to have such a large group - but they had beer and shots so it was still okay!

We decided to head to Chino Latino after a short stint at Stella's - we anticipated it to not be quite as crowded. On the way there you have to pace by the davannis - we lost a couple girls to that place due to the lovely aroma of pizza. Dont worry they found us later.

Had a drink at Chino and decided that I would be okay with going home. Rob was getting off work so it worked out perfectly. It was an interesting turn of events to have Rob picking me up on Lake Street after a night of drinking. Zoe stayed at my mom's over night so it was great to be able to just go home and be able to go to sleep! I know, I am so lame!

First and foremost I wanted Lauren to have a wonderful time at her bachelorette party - SHE DID and so did the rest of us! Now, bring on the wedding! We are so excited for the wedding weekend - Hok-Si-La here we come!