Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Zoe's First Wild Hockey Game - 11/28/08

We have had a lot of Zoe firsts lately. I was so excited to add HOCKEY GAME to the list finally! My friend at work was unable to use his tickets for the day after Thanksgiving and we were more than happy to take them off his hands. He has good seats and really anywhere in the Excel is a great place to be to watch the Wild play. It was actually Rob and I's first game of the season as well.

We made it to our seats and actually gave Zoe some formula before we got to far in to the game. She took turns sitting on our laps and was perfectly content making faces and smiling at all of the people sitting around us. She also was actually in to the game - she would cheer when we all cheered and she danced the whole game - she loved all the music and lights!

In between the first and second periods we went up and found Barry and his family. They were at the game too so we had to meet up and say hello. Zoe was immediately drawn to Barry's daughter who had some Wild beads on - she just hung out and played with her beads while we all stood around and chatted. Note to self - get Zoe some beads for her next game!

We took our seats for the second period to start - we were down 2-1 but we were playing pretty decent so things were not too bleak.

Zoe had a great time hanging out watching the game and dancing to the music. I am looking forward to the next time we can take her to a game - she is free until her second birthday so I figure we should take advantage of that as long as we can! It was a great day! The Wild ended up winning which was awesome. The only bummer was that Rob had to go to work for the night after the game.
Zoe and I headed over to my mom's to hang out and have dinner with gma sharon, uncle matt and Tanya. It was a fun night and a great capper to a great day!

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