Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Zoe's First Halloween - 10/31/08

Zoe is too little to actually go trick or treating this year. Rob had to work and I didn't really want to be at home alone with Zoe and the dog trying to give out candy. So, we made plans with some of the grandparents. We met Gma Sharon over at Nana Lynne and Da Papa Dale's house. We were going to hang out over there for a little bit and see some of the trick or treaters and then go meet up with Uncle Matt to have dinner.

There were lots of kids out and the neighborhood was crawling with people. The weather was great so I think it really encouraged people to get out and have some fun.

Zoe did trick or treat at the neighbors house - Dan always has a great set up for the kids every year - he actually opens his window and hangs there while the kids come by - it's a great idea - especially if you have pets- then you don't have to worry about the doorbell getting rung 100 times and having to open the door 100 times.

Zoe posed for a few pictures before we hit the road. We then ventured to the MOA to see Uncle Matt - and we quickly found out that we will never - I said NEVER, just want to be sure you hear me, NEVER! go to the MOA on Halloween again. In the back of my mind I thought it might be kind of busy there but I was also thinking about how nice it was outside so it would have made sense had people stayed home and did their trick or treating outdoors. Apparantly the weather has no effect on the amount of people that show up to trick or treat at the mall! NEVER again! Dinner with the uncle was good though!

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