Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My New Stroller

So, with the exciting developments of our little Zoe attempting to walk - still just assisted - but its something I decided she needed something fun to walk around with. A trip to Target was a must! My mom and I took Zoe to Target and ended up leaving with her very own stroller - fully equipped with a little toy that plays music.

I got the stroller home that night and attempted to set up once Zoe went to bed. I didn't figure small stroller parts would be good to have on the floor and attempt to keep them out of her mouth as I was trying to put the thing together. I am glad I opted to do this once she went to bed - it was not as easy as it would have appeared. The screws for the wheels went in fine but when it came time to take your screwdriver to tighten them I realized that there was approximately an 1/8 inch of room to squeeze the screwdriver and my hand in to. Needless to say, I was still putting it together when Rob got home from work - he was good - no wisecracks were made. I suspect he knew that if he made any comments the work would then be his to finish. I was able to get all of the screws tightened to my satisfaction and the stroller was ready for Zoe to use in the morning. And boy did she use it. She just kept going back and forth across the living room floor - that's what happens when you have a small home and only one room is really equipped for your child's toys - they end up playing in circles! It didn't seem to slow her down any!

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