Tuesday, December 2, 2008

HallZooween at the MN Zoo- 10/25/08

My mom is a member at the MN Zoo - so we have taken Zoe to the Zoo many times over the summer - as she has always been able to get me in for free and Zoe is still free for a couple of more years. It's a great place to hang out and just enjoy the day. On this day, my mom, Zoe, Rob, my brother's girlfriend Tanya and I decided to go to the Zoo to celebrate Halloween. Every year they do two weekends of HallZooween - the kids are encouraged to dress up as their favorite animal and they are able to trick or treat around the zoo - while getting to see all of the exhibits.

Because pretty much everything I have done as far as decorating and accessorizing for Zoe has revolved around jungle animals - and primarily the giraffe - it was only fitting that when I spotted a giraffe costume at BRU a few weeks ago it was necessary to purchase it. So, Zoe was going to be a giraffe for her first Halloween - no discussion was had with Zoe - I figure I only have two or three years when I will get to really have a say in what she is for Halloween so I am taking full advantage. However, when we put the costume on her to go to the Zoo - she did not complain at all and as always looked so darn cute!

We went through the entire Zoo - it was a great day - not too cold so we were able to enjoy the outdoor exhibits as well.

We saw the grizzly bears in the Russian exhibit - it was pretty cool - the bears came down toward the glass - one actually settled in to his previously dug hole to take a nap. It was a trip to watch these mammoth animals snuggle in to a little sleeping hole - so similar to how are little dog sleeps. Too funny!

Zoe really enjoyed seeing all of the animals - she got to be held the majority of the time.

We took the long walk over to the baby animals farm and she rode over for that and ended up falling asleep so for the second time in a row she missed the cows, pigs and horses. Oh well - I took plenty of pictures for her again this time. I decided to have a little fun and took a ride on the old John Deere tractor! Zoe missed it - but of course I got a picture taken to show her later!

A fun day was had by all! After the Zoo we met up with Uncle Matt for lunch and got to hang out with him for a little while too! Zoe loves her uncle Matty!

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