Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First attempt at feeding myself - 10/19/08

So, I am a freak when it comes to Zoe feeding herself. I am not one of those parents who thinks it is oh so cute to have your child covered from head to toe in food. I guess I am just not a traditionalist when it comes to that area of parenting. Sure, you get some really cute pics - the baby in the high chair dressed only in a diaper covered from hair to toenail in carrots - just not my thing I guess. I did break from my control freak mentality briefly one Sunday morning and let Zoe attempt to feed herself her cereal. I gave her the bowl and one of those little early spoons that now after I have seen it in use - really wasn't as practical as I once thought. She basically kept the little spoon thing in her one hand and used the other hand to dig right in to the bowl. And honestly I was kind of proud of her - the spoon was not doing the job so she went right to what she knew - the grabbing a big handful technique and shoving it in her mouth!

I do realize that I need to chill out and just let her be a baby and figure things out - but I do sure like being done with a meal and not having my childs cereal in her hair - and mine!

I have made a silent promise to get better about that - from the looks of my house who would have thought I would be so anal about my child's eating habits! hehe!

Besides, she sure seems to enjoy eating all by herself sometimes!

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