Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally up to date!

Okay so I had a whirlwind of updating entries yesterday and today and I am finally in the present tense!
Zoe has really been keeping us on our toes lately. Still no actual walking but a lot of fast crawling and some standing. She does a lot of walking between pieces of furniture and even a couple of times has forgotten and lets go - she still seems to prefer crawling for the time being. I was hoping she would be walking by her birthday - but she will do it when she is ready and people keep telling me I should not speed it up.
She is talking a ton though - she has some words that are pretty discernable and I actually think she is using them in the proper way. She has said Da-da-da for quite some time but she actually has said it to Rob and actually says it when I point to him in a picture. She also says ma-ma-ma and has directed at me so that is awesome! But the best one is baby - she says it - clear as day - when she sees her dolls she says it and when she sees other little people when we are out she says it. It is so cute! And the other day I asked her if she wanted a banana and she said "nana" - now this can be duel purpose since it applies to her favorite fruit and also can be used for Nana Lynne. That's convenient!
Zoe's birthday is less than a week away - I can hardly believe that last year at this time I was getting ready to have a baby - no idea what to expect - fearful of childbirth, fearful of taking this baby home and not knowing what the heck to do with it, fearful of how my husband would react to becoming a daddy. Thank goodness the childbirth wasn't all that bad - totally worth it, bringing her home wasn't so bad - except for the no sleeping in conventional beds for 6 weeks, and mostly I am thankful at how wonderful Rob has been with our child. They spend quite a bit of time together since he is home with her during the day most of the week. He is so good with her, they have their routine and just really enjoy spending time together - I couldn't have asked for more from him! I think he is actually going to be a little sad when she starts daycare next month and their time together is not as frequent. I will be a little sad for him too!
My mom and I took Zoe last night and got all of the decorations and plates, etc for the party this weekend. She is one doted on child - if it had Elmo on it - gma sharon was buying it! It was too funny - I actually had to tell her no on some things - just cause the two of us can go over board! It is going to be a fun party and I can't wait to celebrate my little one's first birthday! So crazy!

Tonight is the 12 month pictures - wish us luck - she has a cold that started on MOnday night so it should be interesting. This could be the first time in the last year that we may have to redo the pictures. I hope not - I am hoping she will come through like she has so many other times but we'll see - I am not going to put a ton of pressure on us to get the perfect shot - cause really any shot of my beautiful little girl is perfect! I may be a touch biased!

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