Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Election Day - 11/4/08

Zoe's first election day! Pretty exciting. Rob and I took her with to the local polling place. We went at lunch time and it was surprisingly not busy - I think most people went early before work or after work - which was fine with us. Rob went first as I took Zoe to the bathroom to change her diaper - I swear she takes a poo at some of the most inconvenient times! Got done with that job and Rob was almost finished so we waited for him - meanwhile Zoe is making googly faces at all of the other voters - it was quite funny. It was my turn to vote! So exciting - I can't recall ever being more excited to get to vote - not even the first time after I turned 18 - this by far was the best one yet. Besides, I was pretty confident who Rob was voting for so I had to be sure I cast my vote to cancel his out! hehe! That's what happens when spouses have different political affiliations. During the time I was waiting to submit my ballot Zoe was on the other side of the gym waving at me and smiling. She really tickled the older lady in front of me in line - so much so that after she was done she went over and said hello to Zoe. I remember standing there and feeling so grateful that Rob, Zoe and I could be a part of such a momentus day. Regardless of who actually won the election it was going to be huge - ground breaking and we were a part of it.
Zoe and I went to dinner with Ellie and Jason on Election night. It was a great distraction from sitting around and watching the returns come in. But, when we got home and after Zoe went to bed I hunkered down expecting to fall asleep before the actual announcement would ever be made. But, much to my surprise and to most of America's they were able to definitively announce our new president before I passed out for the night.
President-Elect Barack Obama - has a good ring to it!

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