Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Elf - Macy's 8th Floor - 11/22/2008

As we enter this holiday I decided that I want to have some new traditions to enjoy with Zoe. She was so little last December that we barely ventured out of the house let alone went to malls and places where there tons of people. When I was a kid we would go to the holiday display downtown - back in those days it was the Dayton's holiday exhibit for the new generation it will be Macy's - what can you do! I can still recall one of the Santa Bear exhibits that we saw - it was the aviator Santa Bear - it's funny the things you can remember when you focus. It's also funny the things you can recall when your own child actually sparks memories for you!

So, Rob and I bundled Zoe up and headed to the Macy's 8th Floor exhibit - the first of many!
We got downtown and we were able to park pretty easily - we recalled on the way down there that there was a Gopher football game at the dome but didn't think it would interfere too much since it was an evening game and we were there about lunch time.

Made it up to the 8th floor of macy's and discovered a line - a line that was deceptively long. It actually didn't take very long to get through it at all.

Here is Zoe and I at the entrance of the exhibit - I actually took the photo. She decided that riding in the stroller was not going to be an option - it was fine - she was able to see things much better being in one of our arms - we took turns! : )

I had heard that the exhibit was kind of short but very intricate and detailed. My sister in law had gone the day before with my nieces and they were actually able to go through it twice within an hour - that would not be our fate - many more people attend these types of things on a Saturday than a Friday afternoon.

Zoe loved the beginning of the exhibit - they had an elf on top of the arch that kept bouncing up and down and she couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Her favorite of all of the exhibits was the Christmas Tree being decorated by all of the different animals. We stood there the longest - she just kept saying "ooohh" "whoah" and pointing at everything! It was so cute!

We made it to the end - Santa's Workshop where there were tons of elves making candy and wrapping presents. The exhibit was just jammed packed with lots of stuff - it was really cute and all of the kids, including Zoe seemed to really think it was pretty cool!

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