Monday, December 8, 2008


It has been an eventful few days. We had our first major emergency! Thursday night Zoe went to bed at 8pm and at 930 I could hear her in her room - I went to the door and it sounded like she was gasping to breathe. I grabbed her and went to the living room to call the nurse line. We talked for a bit and she decided that she thought it was croup and wanted me to bring Zoe to the bathroom and run a hot shower for 20 minutes and see if that helped. She called me back 25 minutes later and the shower hadn't done much to relieve Zoe. The nurse could hear Zoe cough and breathe in the background and recommended that I bring her to the ER. So, there I was, my daughter was sick, my husband was at work and I needed to take her to North Memorial - which thank goodness is only a few blocks from our house! I called Rob and let him know we were headed down there and I would like for him to join us - I strongly suggested that he leave work and meet me down there.
Zoe and I got to the ER at a perfect time they were able to take us straight back to the triage area. They checked her weight, her temp (100.3) and gave her some tylenol. James from the respiratory dept came down and gave Zoe a nebulizer treatment - actually I gave it to her - she spent most of the time chewing on the tube - but that was fine cause it just needed to be breathed in by her. After that Rob showed up and we had to head to the waiting area while they got a room ready for us. We actually didn't have to wait too long. There are some interesting folks that occupy the ER at North Memorial at 11pm on a Thursday night. I was very glad Rob was with us!
They got us to a room - Zoe was decked out in simply a diaper - she had started to develop a rash on her face, arms and legs. It was a little weird. An ER nurse came in to the room and checked Zoe over and confirmed that it was croup and then the ER doctor came in. He could hear Zoe breathing and right away agreed with the diagnosis of croup. He was actually more interested in her rash though. He said it was not a typical rash that shows up with a viral infection so he wanted another doctor to come in and take a look. It was weird - I all of a sudden felt like I was on an episode of House and my child was their big mystery patient. The other doctor came in and took a look too.
After a little while the nurse came back in with a steriod for Zoe to take to help with the inflammation of her airway. She took it orally and did well - almost as well as cherry tylenol. We ended up sitting in the room for another hour - people checking on us periodically. They were giving the steriod a chance to start working before they felt comfortable sending us home. The funny part was that it was now midnight and by looking at Zoe you would have never known! She was wired - the steroid they gave her had quite an effect on her and she was all over the place. I was ready to pass out from exhaustion and she was ready to party!
About 1:15 the doctor came in and told us he felt comfortable letting us go home. Made sure we knew all of the reasons we should bring her back and all of the reasons that would necessitate taking her to the pediatrician in the morning. We crossed our fingers that none of that would be necessary. After another half hour we were walking out of the hospital and so ready to get home.
Zoe went to bed the moment we got home. I followed about a half hour later, Rob had a snack and was right behind me.
She slept through the night - I didn't, but she did.
We ended up cancelling her birthday party - it was quite a bummer but we couldn't risk infecting others with the virus and she really needed to have a calm weekend.
We had a quiet lunch on Saturday with my mom, Missy and Travis and then a quiet night at home. On Sunday, Zoe opened up a couple of her presents with Rob and I before he had to head to work. She was not at all happy about daddy going to work - and she let him know it!
My mom came over to visit in the afternoon. She occupied Zoe for a little bit so I could clean the bathroom - it was so great! I know to most people that sounds weird but you have no idea if you don't have children. They make it so hard to clean and do all of those other things when they require so much of your attention. And don't get me wrong - I would much rather hang with Zoe every moment of every day than clean the bathroom or any other room in the house - but there comes a time when it just really is absolutely necessary.
So, that was our birthday weekend - not quite the fun we had planned but that's life. Our baby is on the mend and that is all that really matters to me anyway. We are going to reschedule her party for January so she can still celebrate with her family and friends.
Happy Birthday Booba!

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