Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11 Months Old - 11/7/08

Could it be - our baby is already 11 months old! I am so happy and freaked out by it all at the same time. Zoe is not walking yet- I so thought she would be cause she crawled so easily and stands up and walks with things - but when it comes down to it she knows crawling is faster so she drops to her knees and then she is off!

She is so funny - the other day I was cleaning up her room and put the bumbo seat to the side cause I was going to bring it upstairs since she doesn't use it anymore. Of course I turn around and there she is trying to sit in it. She basically didn't want anything to do with it when it was appropriate for her to use it. Now she is 11 months old and really too big for it. But then I see her sit in it and realize that because she has gotten longer and her thighs are quite as chubby as they used to be she actually fits in it better than when she was 4 months old - oh the irony!

Every month we have been taking Zoe's picture in the Wild outfit that I used to tell Rob that I was pregnant with her. I bought a 12 month outfit not really thinking of a cute way to use but Rob actually heard about this idea on Martha Stewart one day when I was home on maternity leave. So, the early months it was easy - the outfit was way too big and she would just lay there and we would snap a few pics. The last few months have gotten more interesting. This month - the 11th - she wanted nothing to do with it. She screamed, cried and threw a fit. I even put her in her snack chair thinking that would calm her down - not so much! Take a gander!

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