Monday, December 8, 2008


It has been an eventful few days. We had our first major emergency! Thursday night Zoe went to bed at 8pm and at 930 I could hear her in her room - I went to the door and it sounded like she was gasping to breathe. I grabbed her and went to the living room to call the nurse line. We talked for a bit and she decided that she thought it was croup and wanted me to bring Zoe to the bathroom and run a hot shower for 20 minutes and see if that helped. She called me back 25 minutes later and the shower hadn't done much to relieve Zoe. The nurse could hear Zoe cough and breathe in the background and recommended that I bring her to the ER. So, there I was, my daughter was sick, my husband was at work and I needed to take her to North Memorial - which thank goodness is only a few blocks from our house! I called Rob and let him know we were headed down there and I would like for him to join us - I strongly suggested that he leave work and meet me down there.
Zoe and I got to the ER at a perfect time they were able to take us straight back to the triage area. They checked her weight, her temp (100.3) and gave her some tylenol. James from the respiratory dept came down and gave Zoe a nebulizer treatment - actually I gave it to her - she spent most of the time chewing on the tube - but that was fine cause it just needed to be breathed in by her. After that Rob showed up and we had to head to the waiting area while they got a room ready for us. We actually didn't have to wait too long. There are some interesting folks that occupy the ER at North Memorial at 11pm on a Thursday night. I was very glad Rob was with us!
They got us to a room - Zoe was decked out in simply a diaper - she had started to develop a rash on her face, arms and legs. It was a little weird. An ER nurse came in to the room and checked Zoe over and confirmed that it was croup and then the ER doctor came in. He could hear Zoe breathing and right away agreed with the diagnosis of croup. He was actually more interested in her rash though. He said it was not a typical rash that shows up with a viral infection so he wanted another doctor to come in and take a look. It was weird - I all of a sudden felt like I was on an episode of House and my child was their big mystery patient. The other doctor came in and took a look too.
After a little while the nurse came back in with a steriod for Zoe to take to help with the inflammation of her airway. She took it orally and did well - almost as well as cherry tylenol. We ended up sitting in the room for another hour - people checking on us periodically. They were giving the steriod a chance to start working before they felt comfortable sending us home. The funny part was that it was now midnight and by looking at Zoe you would have never known! She was wired - the steroid they gave her had quite an effect on her and she was all over the place. I was ready to pass out from exhaustion and she was ready to party!
About 1:15 the doctor came in and told us he felt comfortable letting us go home. Made sure we knew all of the reasons we should bring her back and all of the reasons that would necessitate taking her to the pediatrician in the morning. We crossed our fingers that none of that would be necessary. After another half hour we were walking out of the hospital and so ready to get home.
Zoe went to bed the moment we got home. I followed about a half hour later, Rob had a snack and was right behind me.
She slept through the night - I didn't, but she did.
We ended up cancelling her birthday party - it was quite a bummer but we couldn't risk infecting others with the virus and she really needed to have a calm weekend.
We had a quiet lunch on Saturday with my mom, Missy and Travis and then a quiet night at home. On Sunday, Zoe opened up a couple of her presents with Rob and I before he had to head to work. She was not at all happy about daddy going to work - and she let him know it!
My mom came over to visit in the afternoon. She occupied Zoe for a little bit so I could clean the bathroom - it was so great! I know to most people that sounds weird but you have no idea if you don't have children. They make it so hard to clean and do all of those other things when they require so much of your attention. And don't get me wrong - I would much rather hang with Zoe every moment of every day than clean the bathroom or any other room in the house - but there comes a time when it just really is absolutely necessary.
So, that was our birthday weekend - not quite the fun we had planned but that's life. Our baby is on the mend and that is all that really matters to me anyway. We are going to reschedule her party for January so she can still celebrate with her family and friends.
Happy Birthday Booba!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally up to date!

Okay so I had a whirlwind of updating entries yesterday and today and I am finally in the present tense!
Zoe has really been keeping us on our toes lately. Still no actual walking but a lot of fast crawling and some standing. She does a lot of walking between pieces of furniture and even a couple of times has forgotten and lets go - she still seems to prefer crawling for the time being. I was hoping she would be walking by her birthday - but she will do it when she is ready and people keep telling me I should not speed it up.
She is talking a ton though - she has some words that are pretty discernable and I actually think she is using them in the proper way. She has said Da-da-da for quite some time but she actually has said it to Rob and actually says it when I point to him in a picture. She also says ma-ma-ma and has directed at me so that is awesome! But the best one is baby - she says it - clear as day - when she sees her dolls she says it and when she sees other little people when we are out she says it. It is so cute! And the other day I asked her if she wanted a banana and she said "nana" - now this can be duel purpose since it applies to her favorite fruit and also can be used for Nana Lynne. That's convenient!
Zoe's birthday is less than a week away - I can hardly believe that last year at this time I was getting ready to have a baby - no idea what to expect - fearful of childbirth, fearful of taking this baby home and not knowing what the heck to do with it, fearful of how my husband would react to becoming a daddy. Thank goodness the childbirth wasn't all that bad - totally worth it, bringing her home wasn't so bad - except for the no sleeping in conventional beds for 6 weeks, and mostly I am thankful at how wonderful Rob has been with our child. They spend quite a bit of time together since he is home with her during the day most of the week. He is so good with her, they have their routine and just really enjoy spending time together - I couldn't have asked for more from him! I think he is actually going to be a little sad when she starts daycare next month and their time together is not as frequent. I will be a little sad for him too!
My mom and I took Zoe last night and got all of the decorations and plates, etc for the party this weekend. She is one doted on child - if it had Elmo on it - gma sharon was buying it! It was too funny - I actually had to tell her no on some things - just cause the two of us can go over board! It is going to be a fun party and I can't wait to celebrate my little one's first birthday! So crazy!

Tonight is the 12 month pictures - wish us luck - she has a cold that started on MOnday night so it should be interesting. This could be the first time in the last year that we may have to redo the pictures. I hope not - I am hoping she will come through like she has so many other times but we'll see - I am not going to put a ton of pressure on us to get the perfect shot - cause really any shot of my beautiful little girl is perfect! I may be a touch biased!

My Elmo Chair - 11/29/08

I got my first birthday present early today! Grandma Sharon got me a Giggle Elmo Chair! My mom has wanted me to have a little chair that I could sit on and play with and this one is perfect. Every time I touch it or sit in it Elmo laughs at me and I think it is so funny! I am having so much fun playing with it and I even sat down and read my books while I was sitting in it the other day!
Thank you so much Grandma for my awesome chair!

Zoe's First Wild Hockey Game - 11/28/08

We have had a lot of Zoe firsts lately. I was so excited to add HOCKEY GAME to the list finally! My friend at work was unable to use his tickets for the day after Thanksgiving and we were more than happy to take them off his hands. He has good seats and really anywhere in the Excel is a great place to be to watch the Wild play. It was actually Rob and I's first game of the season as well.

We made it to our seats and actually gave Zoe some formula before we got to far in to the game. She took turns sitting on our laps and was perfectly content making faces and smiling at all of the people sitting around us. She also was actually in to the game - she would cheer when we all cheered and she danced the whole game - she loved all the music and lights!

In between the first and second periods we went up and found Barry and his family. They were at the game too so we had to meet up and say hello. Zoe was immediately drawn to Barry's daughter who had some Wild beads on - she just hung out and played with her beads while we all stood around and chatted. Note to self - get Zoe some beads for her next game!

We took our seats for the second period to start - we were down 2-1 but we were playing pretty decent so things were not too bleak.

Zoe had a great time hanging out watching the game and dancing to the music. I am looking forward to the next time we can take her to a game - she is free until her second birthday so I figure we should take advantage of that as long as we can! It was a great day! The Wild ended up winning which was awesome. The only bummer was that Rob had to go to work for the night after the game.
Zoe and I headed over to my mom's to hang out and have dinner with gma sharon, uncle matt and Tanya. It was a fun night and a great capper to a great day!

Zoe's First Thanksgiving - 11/27/08

It's official - Zoe's first Thanksgiving! We had a couple places to go - stop by the Hendrickson's so we can see the cousins, aunt, uncle and grandparents for a bit and then off to my cousin's house in West St Paul.

Zoe was able to nap and then we headed to the inlaws about 4pm. Zoe was quite happy to see her cousins and auntie Mary! We hung out and laughed for awhile and then headed to the cousins for some FOOD!

We got to my cousin Andrea's about 5pm and the whole family was already there. My grandma Bayer, all my aunts and uncles and cousins, my brother and Tanya, and my dad!

Zoe made herself right at home and found a spot at the little kids picnic table in the middle of the living room. It was so cute - she climbed on but kept slipping down! Too funny!

Dinner was so good - Zoe ate turkey, she tried real sweet potatoes - instead of the pureed version and she even got a little pumpkin mousse for dessert! Andrea and Cory did a great job with their first Thanksgiving at their house! Well done!

After dinner Zoe spent some time down in Elise's play room - can't wait until we can get something like that set up in our basement for Zoe. It will be so nice to be able to have a place of her own to play and not have to worry about her getting in to other stuff! She also found the cool Leap Frog magnet toy on the fridge - we will have to pick one of those up for her birthday or Christmas - she really enjoyed it!

When it was time to go she got some face time in with gpa Jim. She had a long day and didn't really make a peep the whole time until it was time to go - and it was very close to her bed time so you could even cut her some slack - we got lucky with this little one - she is so good when we are out and about! She is getting louder - but good!
It was a great day - a great first Thanksgiving and it makes me so excited for her upcoming birthday and the holiday season! She will be so much more entertaining this year!

A Day in the Life of an Elf - Macy's 8th Floor - 11/22/2008

As we enter this holiday I decided that I want to have some new traditions to enjoy with Zoe. She was so little last December that we barely ventured out of the house let alone went to malls and places where there tons of people. When I was a kid we would go to the holiday display downtown - back in those days it was the Dayton's holiday exhibit for the new generation it will be Macy's - what can you do! I can still recall one of the Santa Bear exhibits that we saw - it was the aviator Santa Bear - it's funny the things you can remember when you focus. It's also funny the things you can recall when your own child actually sparks memories for you!

So, Rob and I bundled Zoe up and headed to the Macy's 8th Floor exhibit - the first of many!
We got downtown and we were able to park pretty easily - we recalled on the way down there that there was a Gopher football game at the dome but didn't think it would interfere too much since it was an evening game and we were there about lunch time.

Made it up to the 8th floor of macy's and discovered a line - a line that was deceptively long. It actually didn't take very long to get through it at all.

Here is Zoe and I at the entrance of the exhibit - I actually took the photo. She decided that riding in the stroller was not going to be an option - it was fine - she was able to see things much better being in one of our arms - we took turns! : )

I had heard that the exhibit was kind of short but very intricate and detailed. My sister in law had gone the day before with my nieces and they were actually able to go through it twice within an hour - that would not be our fate - many more people attend these types of things on a Saturday than a Friday afternoon.

Zoe loved the beginning of the exhibit - they had an elf on top of the arch that kept bouncing up and down and she couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Her favorite of all of the exhibits was the Christmas Tree being decorated by all of the different animals. We stood there the longest - she just kept saying "ooohh" "whoah" and pointing at everything! It was so cute!

We made it to the end - Santa's Workshop where there were tons of elves making candy and wrapping presents. The exhibit was just jammed packed with lots of stuff - it was really cute and all of the kids, including Zoe seemed to really think it was pretty cool!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11 Months Old - 11/7/08

Could it be - our baby is already 11 months old! I am so happy and freaked out by it all at the same time. Zoe is not walking yet- I so thought she would be cause she crawled so easily and stands up and walks with things - but when it comes down to it she knows crawling is faster so she drops to her knees and then she is off!

She is so funny - the other day I was cleaning up her room and put the bumbo seat to the side cause I was going to bring it upstairs since she doesn't use it anymore. Of course I turn around and there she is trying to sit in it. She basically didn't want anything to do with it when it was appropriate for her to use it. Now she is 11 months old and really too big for it. But then I see her sit in it and realize that because she has gotten longer and her thighs are quite as chubby as they used to be she actually fits in it better than when she was 4 months old - oh the irony!

Every month we have been taking Zoe's picture in the Wild outfit that I used to tell Rob that I was pregnant with her. I bought a 12 month outfit not really thinking of a cute way to use but Rob actually heard about this idea on Martha Stewart one day when I was home on maternity leave. So, the early months it was easy - the outfit was way too big and she would just lay there and we would snap a few pics. The last few months have gotten more interesting. This month - the 11th - she wanted nothing to do with it. She screamed, cried and threw a fit. I even put her in her snack chair thinking that would calm her down - not so much! Take a gander!

Election Day - 11/4/08

Zoe's first election day! Pretty exciting. Rob and I took her with to the local polling place. We went at lunch time and it was surprisingly not busy - I think most people went early before work or after work - which was fine with us. Rob went first as I took Zoe to the bathroom to change her diaper - I swear she takes a poo at some of the most inconvenient times! Got done with that job and Rob was almost finished so we waited for him - meanwhile Zoe is making googly faces at all of the other voters - it was quite funny. It was my turn to vote! So exciting - I can't recall ever being more excited to get to vote - not even the first time after I turned 18 - this by far was the best one yet. Besides, I was pretty confident who Rob was voting for so I had to be sure I cast my vote to cancel his out! hehe! That's what happens when spouses have different political affiliations. During the time I was waiting to submit my ballot Zoe was on the other side of the gym waving at me and smiling. She really tickled the older lady in front of me in line - so much so that after she was done she went over and said hello to Zoe. I remember standing there and feeling so grateful that Rob, Zoe and I could be a part of such a momentus day. Regardless of who actually won the election it was going to be huge - ground breaking and we were a part of it.
Zoe and I went to dinner with Ellie and Jason on Election night. It was a great distraction from sitting around and watching the returns come in. But, when we got home and after Zoe went to bed I hunkered down expecting to fall asleep before the actual announcement would ever be made. But, much to my surprise and to most of America's they were able to definitively announce our new president before I passed out for the night.
President-Elect Barack Obama - has a good ring to it!

Zoe's First Halloween - 10/31/08

Zoe is too little to actually go trick or treating this year. Rob had to work and I didn't really want to be at home alone with Zoe and the dog trying to give out candy. So, we made plans with some of the grandparents. We met Gma Sharon over at Nana Lynne and Da Papa Dale's house. We were going to hang out over there for a little bit and see some of the trick or treaters and then go meet up with Uncle Matt to have dinner.

There were lots of kids out and the neighborhood was crawling with people. The weather was great so I think it really encouraged people to get out and have some fun.

Zoe did trick or treat at the neighbors house - Dan always has a great set up for the kids every year - he actually opens his window and hangs there while the kids come by - it's a great idea - especially if you have pets- then you don't have to worry about the doorbell getting rung 100 times and having to open the door 100 times.

Zoe posed for a few pictures before we hit the road. We then ventured to the MOA to see Uncle Matt - and we quickly found out that we will never - I said NEVER, just want to be sure you hear me, NEVER! go to the MOA on Halloween again. In the back of my mind I thought it might be kind of busy there but I was also thinking about how nice it was outside so it would have made sense had people stayed home and did their trick or treating outdoors. Apparantly the weather has no effect on the amount of people that show up to trick or treat at the mall! NEVER again! Dinner with the uncle was good though!

HallZooween at the MN Zoo- 10/25/08

My mom is a member at the MN Zoo - so we have taken Zoe to the Zoo many times over the summer - as she has always been able to get me in for free and Zoe is still free for a couple of more years. It's a great place to hang out and just enjoy the day. On this day, my mom, Zoe, Rob, my brother's girlfriend Tanya and I decided to go to the Zoo to celebrate Halloween. Every year they do two weekends of HallZooween - the kids are encouraged to dress up as their favorite animal and they are able to trick or treat around the zoo - while getting to see all of the exhibits.

Because pretty much everything I have done as far as decorating and accessorizing for Zoe has revolved around jungle animals - and primarily the giraffe - it was only fitting that when I spotted a giraffe costume at BRU a few weeks ago it was necessary to purchase it. So, Zoe was going to be a giraffe for her first Halloween - no discussion was had with Zoe - I figure I only have two or three years when I will get to really have a say in what she is for Halloween so I am taking full advantage. However, when we put the costume on her to go to the Zoo - she did not complain at all and as always looked so darn cute!

We went through the entire Zoo - it was a great day - not too cold so we were able to enjoy the outdoor exhibits as well.

We saw the grizzly bears in the Russian exhibit - it was pretty cool - the bears came down toward the glass - one actually settled in to his previously dug hole to take a nap. It was a trip to watch these mammoth animals snuggle in to a little sleeping hole - so similar to how are little dog sleeps. Too funny!

Zoe really enjoyed seeing all of the animals - she got to be held the majority of the time.

We took the long walk over to the baby animals farm and she rode over for that and ended up falling asleep so for the second time in a row she missed the cows, pigs and horses. Oh well - I took plenty of pictures for her again this time. I decided to have a little fun and took a ride on the old John Deere tractor! Zoe missed it - but of course I got a picture taken to show her later!

A fun day was had by all! After the Zoo we met up with Uncle Matt for lunch and got to hang out with him for a little while too! Zoe loves her uncle Matty!

First attempt at feeding myself - 10/19/08

So, I am a freak when it comes to Zoe feeding herself. I am not one of those parents who thinks it is oh so cute to have your child covered from head to toe in food. I guess I am just not a traditionalist when it comes to that area of parenting. Sure, you get some really cute pics - the baby in the high chair dressed only in a diaper covered from hair to toenail in carrots - just not my thing I guess. I did break from my control freak mentality briefly one Sunday morning and let Zoe attempt to feed herself her cereal. I gave her the bowl and one of those little early spoons that now after I have seen it in use - really wasn't as practical as I once thought. She basically kept the little spoon thing in her one hand and used the other hand to dig right in to the bowl. And honestly I was kind of proud of her - the spoon was not doing the job so she went right to what she knew - the grabbing a big handful technique and shoving it in her mouth!

I do realize that I need to chill out and just let her be a baby and figure things out - but I do sure like being done with a meal and not having my childs cereal in her hair - and mine!

I have made a silent promise to get better about that - from the looks of my house who would have thought I would be so anal about my child's eating habits! hehe!

Besides, she sure seems to enjoy eating all by herself sometimes!

My New Stroller

So, with the exciting developments of our little Zoe attempting to walk - still just assisted - but its something I decided she needed something fun to walk around with. A trip to Target was a must! My mom and I took Zoe to Target and ended up leaving with her very own stroller - fully equipped with a little toy that plays music.

I got the stroller home that night and attempted to set up once Zoe went to bed. I didn't figure small stroller parts would be good to have on the floor and attempt to keep them out of her mouth as I was trying to put the thing together. I am glad I opted to do this once she went to bed - it was not as easy as it would have appeared. The screws for the wheels went in fine but when it came time to take your screwdriver to tighten them I realized that there was approximately an 1/8 inch of room to squeeze the screwdriver and my hand in to. Needless to say, I was still putting it together when Rob got home from work - he was good - no wisecracks were made. I suspect he knew that if he made any comments the work would then be his to finish. I was able to get all of the screws tightened to my satisfaction and the stroller was ready for Zoe to use in the morning. And boy did she use it. She just kept going back and forth across the living room floor - that's what happens when you have a small home and only one room is really equipped for your child's toys - they end up playing in circles! It didn't seem to slow her down any!

10/12/08 - First Steps Assisted

We were hanging out at my mom's on a Sunday - just Zoe and I - Rob was working. I needed to go to Target so I left Zoe with my mom and headed over to Target to do some shopping with no baby - one can only imagine how lovely this can be sometimes. I got Zoe a little bin with rollers to put her toys in so that she can have them in the living room and then some day wishful thinking that she may bring them to her room when she is done playing. We'll see how that ends up working out for me!

I brought the bin in to the house to show my mom and low and behold Zoe stood up next to it and started pushing it across the room - on her feet - not her kness - she was on her feet!

So, one more milestone down - so many more to go! After all the pushing fun she decided she wanted to be in the bin so we had to oblige her!

She is quite the ham! She is growing up so fast - we are already in her 10th month!