Friday, October 10, 2008

Twins Game vs. Chicago White Sox

So, I am quite behind on my original goal of posting almost daily! Oh well, life gets in th way - and no one is really reading this anyway!

We took Zoe to her fourth Twins game on Wed Sept 24th. We had gotten these tickets weeks ago when the prospect of the Twins making a playoff run was quite a possibility. They did not disappoint. Going in to the series with the White Sox it really was up to who ever wanted it the most. We swept the White Sox during this three game series - it was awesome!

We went to the middle game of the series - there were so many people at the game. They estimated it was about 40K people on Wed. We went to the game with my mom, Melissa, Rob, my brother Matt, his girlfriend Tanya, Zoe and me. It was a zoo trying to make it through the dome - we had not been to a game all year that had been that crowded. And people were so excited! It's pretty much common knowledge that Twins fans don't really care for the White Sox and more specifically AJ Piersynski (sp). I loathe AJ, however I do not participate in the booing that occurs each time he comes to bat. I have a theory, as twisted as AJ is - I think he actually thrives on the negative energy that Twins fans send him - he actually had a couple good hits in the game. So, I just make sure I am not part of the booing and then I can't be blamed for his success - under my theory of course.

I was a little worried about how Zoe would do for this game. The other games we had been to with her were day games and she was much less mobile at those games so they went really well. She proved what an awesome baby she is and was perfect at the game once again. She did really well even though we didn't walk out of there until 10pm. She passed out in the car on the way home and went to bed with no fussing when we got home. I hate to say that she is so great all of the time - but she really is! I am glad that we have exposed to her to so many things in her young little life - I think it has made her tolerant of many situations.

Unfortunately the Twins lost in a one game playoff with the White Sox on Tuesday the 30th. However, the White Sox got their game handed to them by the Tampa Bay Rays last week so all is well in the baseball world again.

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