Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zoe's New Friend

We had dinner over at some friends' last Saturday - they have three adorable boys. They have a little boy that is about three months younger than Zoe and their middle son is almost three. He loved Zoe - we have had the kids together before but this time it seemed different - I suppose its because Zoe is getting bigger and more mobile - so she appears to be a little more interesting. Jack was so cute - he let her play with all of his toys and he was so attentive to her. Here are a few pictures of them playing together - they have this great little "play hut" that Zoe thought was pretty cool. They had a bunch of those little plastic balls and all she really wanted to was bite them! They had fun though!

Chomping on the toys! Jack really tried convincing her that she could throw them and other fun stuff but she insisted on trying to eat them!

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