Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zoe's 9 month pictures

Well, it was that time again - another milestone to document. My baby is nine months old so we must get pictures taken! She is so fun to bring to these sessions so why wouldn't I be excited. I brought a couple of cute outfits and her Halloween costume. JCPenney had a special this month surrounding halloween so I thought we should go for it. Zoe's costume is a giraffe - yes, totally indulges mommy but honestly for the first couple years it's all about me and then when she can pick it will be all about her - I swear! At least that is what I will let her think! Teehee!
It was a little more interesting this time - last time at her 6 month appt - I set her down on the floor and the girl just started snapping pics cause my adorable daughter was sitting there laughing and smiling like she had just won the lottery. She was not crawling so much at that time so sitting was good enough and she was content.
This time however, our child is mobile and she does not like to be told not to be! But, she was good - I wanted a couple of her standing cause she is standing all of the time and I thought it would be a good progression from the last ones when she was sitting in all of the shots - do I think too much about this - possibly - but I fear it won't end any time soon! So, the girl had brought in this cute little white bench - I put Zoe down next to it - she grabbed right on and stood there and smiled pretty for a few shots. Then we had her sit and she did okay for a few - then I popped in to a couple of pics with her - we hadn't had any of the two of us taken since her 3 month ones so we were due. They were cute - she told me to hold her so we were nose to nose - little does she know that when my child is that close to my face she attempts to eat it! But, they turned out quite well - in fact that was one of my fave's she is grabbing my face and her nose is scrunched into mine - it's actually very sweet - she appears to like me a little!
So, then we got her costume on - mind you, I hadn't tried it on her yet so this was new for all of us - it fit perfectly. We got some great shots - she attempted to crawl away so there are a few pics when you can't see her face but you can see the giraffe head and face - classic!
We got one pic of her in her super cute Twins outfit - she was pretty much done at that point. It was okay - we got lots of good ones as usual. As I tell most people - I could wallpaper my house with my baby's face - people would find it weird but I would so be okay with it. Seriously - she is that cute - I realize I may be biased - but I really do think she is that cute. When she squinches up her nose and smiles at you - it just doesn't get any better than that.
I will post some of the pics when I get them online.

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