Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sunday the 31st - Bachelorette Party

Okay - so the guys had their fun on Saturday night - its the ladies turn!

We started off with dinner, drinks and gifts at Becca's house. It was really nice - there was so much great food - and it was really nice to be able to hang with the ladies and talk and actually have some adult conversation. I love my daughter but you need that sometimes. Here is Molly and I enjoying the food and beers - Lauren was trying to get us with food in our mouth - we escaped that site!

We went to the Uptown for the evening. Our first stop was the rooftop bar at Drink. - all i can say is interesting. I really haven't been keeping up with the bar scene since I got pregnant and have been okay with it. I still am okay with it - it was great to be out for Lauren's big night but on a normal night - just not my scene. It's interesting as I get older what I find a good time - I enjoy hanging with my child and her dad, shopping, listening to music, etc. But bar hopping - unless it is for something like this - just does not intrigue me. It used to - I am not trying to act all high and mighty - trust me, I have done my time as a bar hopper - but at the ripe old age of 33 it just isn't high on my priority list. And when I do go out I enjoy a sports bar (watch a Twins, Wild game) or a small, hole in the wall place that serves really good beer and is a place where you can just be yourself. You can dress up if you want to or you can wear your favorite pair of jeans and no one seems to care - that's my kind of place. Just somewhere I can be my self and preferably listen to some good music.

Back to the evening - these girls were a ton of fun - I can't go without saying that. They know how to have fun and we were all there to make sure Lauren enjoyed her "last night out as a single lady". I am fairly confident that is was a successful mission indeed. The group went to four bars total - I left after the third - Rob picked me up shortly after midnight. I just can't hang the way I used to!

The roof bar at Drink. was my personal favorite - we had a nice little area to ourselves - it was not too crowded and they had decent beer.

We ran in to a friend that was oh so kind to share his photog skills and get a picture of the whole group of ladies:

The next stop was to be Bar Abilene - evidently because we were out on a Sunday night they called it an earlier night at the Bar Abilene - they were already putting the chairs on tables at 10pm. Go figure - so we headed Stella's (another rooftop on a great night). Stella's rooftop was much more crowded - it's a different layout so not as easy to have such a large group - but they had beer and shots so it was still okay!

We decided to head to Chino Latino after a short stint at Stella's - we anticipated it to not be quite as crowded. On the way there you have to pace by the davannis - we lost a couple girls to that place due to the lovely aroma of pizza. Dont worry they found us later.

Had a drink at Chino and decided that I would be okay with going home. Rob was getting off work so it worked out perfectly. It was an interesting turn of events to have Rob picking me up on Lake Street after a night of drinking. Zoe stayed at my mom's over night so it was great to be able to just go home and be able to go to sleep! I know, I am so lame!

First and foremost I wanted Lauren to have a wonderful time at her bachelorette party - SHE DID and so did the rest of us! Now, bring on the wedding! We are so excited for the wedding weekend - Hok-Si-La here we come!

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