Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Baby is 9 months old!

Zoe is officially 9 months old. It's so crazy to think that we are already closer to her first birthday than we are to her day of birth. She has brought so much to our lives - to our family and friends lives. Who knew such a small person could change so many people. Before I had Zoe I never knew that I could love someone so much - I love my husband dearly but the love I have for this child is so different. My heart aches when I am at work and can't see her - or when we go out of town and have to leave her with grandparents - I know she is fine - but I just love being with her. Her smile literally makes my heart go nuts - when she smiles at me it's one of the best feelings ever.

So, Rob and I took Zoe to her 9 month dr appt today. They love to see her at the dr's office - she just beams at all of the staff when we walk in and then the nurse and doctor get all sorts of smiles and babbling. Zoe weighed in at 22 lbs and 10 oz, 28 inches long and her noggin has reached 17.5 inches. Her brain is getting big! She is in the 95th percentile in weight and 75th in height and head circumference.

She did so great with her shots today - our nurse Cynthia (love her) had to prick Zoe's finger today (we had never had to do this before), they were checking her hemoglobin and lead levels. Of course Cynthia was preparing for the worst as she got ready to stick Z's finger and Zoe continued to just smile and giggle at her - oblivious as to what was about to happen. Cynthia pricked her finger and Zoe did not cry at all - she continued to sit there and smile at her. We were all pretty surprised. She is such a little trooper! She did great with her other shots as well.

In fact as I write this Zoe is beginning to stir from her nap. Some days this child can be absolutely perfect. Some days - not so much! I would wager a guess that she probably feels the same about me and her dad!

Happy Nine Month birthday baby girl! We love you more than we can express in words!

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