Sunday, September 21, 2008

Missy's birthday

It's official Miss is 32! It's okay - she doesn't look a day over 21 - just ask Taxi Bob!

Gma Sue picked Zoe up Friday afternoon so I could spend the evening helping missy celebrate her birthday - grown up style!

We had a great evening planned - River Rocks Music Festival was going on Friday and Saturday at Harriet Island. Some great bands scheduled to play so we headed to the St Paul for some tunes. I have to admit this was a great plan for Missy's birthday but I was pretty pumped to see O.A.R. in concert. I have not had a chance to see them live before so I was looking forward to it.

Missy, Travis and I got to Harriet Island about 5:30 - rob was golfing and was meeting us later on. The first band on for the night was locals White Iron Band - unfortunately they were finishing up their set as we walked through the gate. No worries, plenty of good stuff still to come. And we use to see White Iron Band play at the Cabooze all of the time back in the day. We heard them as we walked up to the park, they still sound good!

We hadn't heard that there was any rain in the forecast but the skies looked pretty gloomy - as we entered the park and got our beers it started sprinkling. Nothing too major but enough that we were seeking some shelter. The great volunteers were letting people huddle under the tents that they were using for ticket sales, etc. The rain came through pretty quickly and was gone pretty quick too so that was good.

The next band up was Ozomatli - some friends had told us that we had to be sure to get there early enough to hear these guys - claiming they were incredible. I have to say our friends were dead on - they were amazing. I find it hard to even describe what they were about - but they were incredible. They are from LA and their sound was so diverse and unique. I would say they were a mix of the Long Beach All Stars and 311 - see what I mean - so hard to really nail it down. They put on a great show - when their set was over they came down in to the crowd and made a drum circle - too cool. You just don't see a lot of bands interacting with their fans and audience like that anymore - it was awesome.

After Ozomatli was done - it was time for Jakob Dylan - yep, he's a great musician but not exactly the up beat, get down kind of performance we were looking for. We took this as an opportunity to get some food in our bellies and find Rob. So, after what seemed like a really long set from Jakob Dylan - and I really mean no disrespect, it just wasn't what we were looking for, it was time for O.A.R. To some it may seem weird that I am an O.A.R. fan - a lot of people compare them to Dave Matthews - of whom I am not a big fan. They have a lot of the same fan base - but I don't consider myself a typical fan because I am not a DMB fan - not sure if that really means anything but I like to clarify on those things. What I like about O.A.R. is their energy and sound - they are a little more poppy than some bands I typically listen to - but I like them - plain and simple - I just enjoy their music and I will stop trying to justify that now.

The minute they took the stage I was amped - I danced my tail off for their entire set - they sounded great, they refrained from too much talking considering they only had about an hour and a half to perform, it was great. I took some pictures they turned out terrible but I will share one anyway!

We were actually closer than this picture shows. After a few songs though we opted for a location a little farther back and with more room to dance - we were all squished together up close and we all know how I like crowds!

Most important thing of the whole night was that it was Missy's birthday and I wanted to make sure she had a great time! She said she did and here is a picture to prove it!

And here is one of me and my baby! He finally made it!

After the show was over we all headed back to the hood and found Jason and Ellie and enjoyed the rest of the evening with them. It was a great night and Missy had a great birthday! Success!

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