Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lung Run/Walk

We participated in our second annual Lung Run/Walk on Saturday the 13th. I say we because technically Zoe participated last year as well she was just still in my tummy - but she made her presence known that is for sure! It was a much easier walk this year. We walk in this event each year to remember and honor my friend Tracy's mom Norma. She died a couple of years ago and she gave a tough fight against cancer before she passed. Norma was the best - she was one of my favorite mom's of all my friends growing up. She loved Tracy and her brothers so much and that naturally extended to their friends. I spent lots of really fun times with Tracy's family - Twins games, swimming in their pool, going to the cabin, etc.
So, this year we had a few new members to Norma's Crew - Zoe and Malaya and Chance (golden retriever). It was a dreary morning - kind of spitting rain when we got to Lake Calhoun - we all came prepared though - because we were walking regardless. Zoe was bundled up in her stroller, Malaya was bundled in her stroller and Kailyn rode atop her mom and dad's shoulders - taking turns. Once we got in line to start the walk it started raining harder - we got almost half way around the lake and it stopped raining completely and then was fine the rest of the walk. It was nice to just walk and talk to some friends. Tracy's younger brother Trent walks with us as well with his girlfriend Amanda. They are great people - they enjoy similar music and enjoy going to live shows - I have run in to them on more than one occasion - most recently at the State Fair for Tea Leaf Green at the Heritage Square stage. And we will surely run in to them again this coming weekend at the River Rocks Festival. Good people!
So, we are already making plans to participate in the Lung Run/Walk 2009 - who knows maybe I will be walking with number two on the way! Hehe!

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