Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ben and Lauren's Wedding

The day was finally upon us - Ben and Lauren tying the knot! We were all so excited for this big day to come! Ben and Lauren were getting married in Lake City, MN at the Hok-si-la Park. A little history on Hok-Si-La - ben's parents have been camping at this park for 37 years - they started going with their high school friends every Memorial day and to this day - they all still go every Memorial day and now their kids go, with their friends, significant others, kids, etc in tow. It is a huge "family" and we were so excited to finally get a chance to be part of it. The Styba's have invited us in the past but we have not been able to make it so we were Hok-Si-La virgins!

Will and Meagan rode with us to Lake City - it was nice to be able to talk to them on the way down. We were able to get out to dinner with them once while they were here too but it was really nice to just have the four of us in the truck - talking. We miss them when they are in Georgia so it was great to spend so much time with them last week while they were in town. baby Rhys is such a doll and growing so fast!

We got to Lake City about an hour before the ceremony was supposed to start - we all were camping so we had tents to get set up but we decided to wait until the time between the ceremony and dinner - Lauren had been able to get about an hour for us to all get situated before dinner.

The ceremony was beautiful - Lake Pepin was the backdrop for the altar and it was a perfect day. There were a ton of sailboats on the lake and about half way through the ceremony a barge came through and blew its horn - it was kind of funny!

Here is a pic of the wedding party at the altar:
And the happy married couple after the ceremony:

So cute!

After the ceremony we made our way to the truck and got our gear - we had to set up our tents in less than an hour and get back to the cocktail hour. Me and Rob's tent was really easy - we have used it several times and we finally sprung for a nice tent a couple years ago that goes up really easy. Rob practically put ours up by himself. Will and Meagan's was a different story - since they were on vacation they didn't have all of their own gear so they used a tent from Will's parents - it was a hotel! It was a 6 person tent and none of us had any idea how to set it up - the guys and Meagan did great figuring it out and got it up without too much trouble. It was pretty funny though - it took like 5 people to get this tent up!

Left: our tent up and now trying to figure out the other one

Below: Success - both tents up! Time to party!

After we finished getting camp set up it was time for dinner. They had a good buffet meal - they had chicken and ribs, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit and rolls. And they had all the wine and beer we could drink! It was a great dinner! And they had cupcakes from Woullett's bakery at all of the tables! So yummy!

The reception dance was about to start - they had a live band - a live BLUEGRASS BAND. It was so great. Pert Near Sandstone came down from the cities to play at their reception - they were a great group of guys - very talented musicians. A great time was had by all. The dance ended about 9pm. After the dance was over we all made it back to our sites and had camp fires started. Of course - as well all sat around enjoying each other and having a good time - RAIN. It started raining - not hard - just annoying - but then it picked up - we had one of Rob's golf umbrella's so we grabbed that. The guys got together and went to the reception area and grabbed the very large tent that had been covering the bar area and carried to the main camp site so we had some protection. Ben's parents had brought several pounds of hot dogs so we all got to grill our own dogs and have a snack! it was such a great night and a great wedding. it was a perfect celebration to bring ben and lauren together as a forever couple. they are so much in love and were surrounded by all of the people that love them - it was a great day!

Thank you to Ben and Lauren for letting us celebrate your wonderful day together.
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