Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wow - where has the week gone!

So, haven't had much time to get online and update this lovely blog. Work was crazy this week - down a team member and the end of the month - crazy customers come out of the wood work - but it's good - we like to make money.
Tuesday - my mom and brother wanted to head to the fair so Zoe and I gladly accepted the invitation to go along. We had a great time walking around and seeing all of the fun things the fair has to offer. We made it to the Miracle of Birth building this time - it was neat - there was a new cow being born while we there - couldn't see anything - way too many people. We had Zoe in the stroller this time - less people, really wished I had just worn her though. She seems to be more content on me when we are at things like that - she likes the higher vantage point. Oh well - lesson learned I guess. We also had a chance to hear some great music. Tea Leaf Green was playing at the Heritage Square stage - I had known they were going to be there but figured I was going to miss out since we had already gone to the fair over the weekend. We lucked out - Zoe really enjoyed the music - not so sure matt did - but Zoe sure did. She's going to be a music lover just like her mama. I try to expose her to all kinds of music, not just what I am a big fan of - try to make sure she can make up her own mind about what kind of music she grows up to like.
But of course I certainly try to steer her in the right direction.
Wednesday - Zoe hangs with the in-laws on Wed - she digs it and we dig that she is with family when we are both at work. Rob picks her up on his way home - so I am able to work a little late on Wed if needed - this week it was needed. I made taco pie for dinner and we just hung out at the house for the evening. It's our one night when all three of us are at home. It's nice - however, it does present some problems at bedtime. She is so used to just having me at home when she goes down for the night that having Rob around at bedtime is confusing - she still thinks its play time even though she is extremely tired. So, a little late to bed but not a big deal!
Thursday - Zoe was at the in-laws again this afternoon - she normally goes to Rob's sisters on Thursday afternoons but they had a conflict this week so she went to MPLS instead. I picked her up after work - I worked late again - thank goodness the in-laws really like having Zoe around! They even let me stay for dinner- grilled chicken, squash and salad - way better than the bowl of cereal I probably would have eaten at home after putting Zoe to bed. Really have to work on the nutrition! Got home almost at bed time - so we ran through the routine and Zoe went to bed. Pretty uneventful - I have to go in to the office on Friday morning - have one more interview before my boss makes a decision on our new hire. It will sure be nice to get someone hired and working to help out around there!

Well one more day of work until the long weekend! Take care!

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