Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunday 24th - Renaissance Festival

First off - Rob shot a pretty decent round Sunday morning and was able to win his third straight Club Championship. I don't recall exactly what he shot but it was somewhere around 73. Because he is an amatuer he is unable to take prize money so they give him credit at the clubhouse store. So, for the third straight year at the END of the summer he has to try and spend the money on NOTHING. It's a bummer but he can't jeopardize his amatuer status at this point so it is what it is. Zoe and momma are very proud of our golfer daddy!

Now, because we didn't get enough of the people and festivities - Zoe and I decided to take on the Renaissance Festival with my mom, grandma. I have not been to the Renaissance Festival in a very long time - so long I can't even recall if I have been as an adult. I know that my parents used to bring Matt and I when were kids but don't remember going much after that. It's an interesting place - some people really get in to the whole thing and dress up to go and talk in those funny accents. I enjoy the whole thing but don't get that in to it and find it a bit odd - but not odd enough that I didn't want to go!

We threw Zoe in the stroller this time - less people and frankly my back was killing me from the 5 hours I wore her around the day before. She didn't seem to mind it too much!

One of the things I always associate with the Renaissance Festival is the Puke and Snot show. Last week I had heard that Snot passed away suddenly - never heard why or how. We stumbled across a stage at the festival that ended up being the stage where Puke and Snot perform. Zoe was hungry so we sat down and gave her a bottle and watched the show. There was an "opening act" - his name was Monkey Boy - he was quite funny, my mom enjoyed him thoroughly. He asked the crowd to participate so it was her invitation to act silly and for me not to be able to say anything about it because he was asking her to do this. It was funny and she enjoyed it so that was really all that mattered. As I get older and begin to raise my own daughter I am trying to become a little less worried about what people think and just enjoy life. I was able to do that much easier when I was younger - I guess somewhere along the line I was jaded by something - still not really sure what it was. But, I have decided to make an effort to just let my mom be the silly, crazy, wonderful woman she is - besides, its her way of releasing stress and trying to keep her sanity - between her job and my grandma's health - she could use a little stress relief. That's a big reason why I make sure Zoe and I see her as much as possible - I know it makes her day to see that smile on my baby's face! And it makes my day to see my child light up when she sees her grandma.

Got sidetracked there - Puke & Snot - the original Snot did pass away suddenly - but Puke had a new Snot performing with him this day - you could tell they haven't worked together as much but they were still very funny and very entertaining. The new Snot did a great job - he had some big shoes to fill and I am sure there is a lot of pressure on him, and for Puke to go out there and do his show with someone new so close to his friend's death - I admire him and respect him greatly. It was a great show! God speed Snot!

We walked around the festival - we watched a brief demo of glass blowing, we watched people throw tomatoes at a guy that was throwing insults at them, we watched an enormous rocking pony as kids sat on top and rocked back and forth, and Zoe and grandma watched as I attempted to catapult frogs and try and win my kid a prize - I sucked - personally I don't think the game was constructed so that any one could win - but either way I was terrible. Oh well, no feather for Zoe.

On our way out of the festival I wanted to get Zoe one of those little wreaths with the flowers and flowy strings at the back - you know the little crowns. I had one as a kid and I thought it would be cool to get Zoe one to commemorate her first Renaissance Festival. So, we stopped at the shop that was right by the exit door. They had nice ones and they were only $9 - which was about half the cost of some of the other ones we saw inside - I decided that we would go with the cheaper one as Zoe is only 8.5 months old and will probably never actually get to wear it - it will hang on her wall or something. We did snap some pics of her with it on though - the ladies were nice and made it as small as they could so it sort of fit her, she liked the strings more than anything - shocking isn't it!

We were there until the end - 7pm. It was actually pretty funny to be there when everyone was leaving. All of the "actors" that work at the festival were waiting outside the gates as you left to say goodbye. I was carrying Zoe and my mom was pushing the stroller - at least three people came over to us and gave us their story about how you have to leave with as many people as you came in with so we needed to go back in and find our baby - no one seemed to notice I was actually carrying the 23lb missing baby! One of the girls was so adamant that she even climbed in to the stroller - luckily she was small because I may have been annoyed about that - not a cheap stroller - please don't bust it! It was funny though - I think she surprised her coworkers that she actually did it - they all were laughing and pointing in shock!

She's cute - kind of reminds me of Trista Sutter (Bachelorette)

We also came across this guy - appears he had a good day at "work" - taking a nap - sleeping it off!

And check out these guys - they were bringing people out to their cars!

Another successful day - another great day for my perfect baby! Okay, she's not perfect, but she is really good! Another day of firsts! Of course we missed having Daddy with us - although I am not sure he would have gone anyway. I think he was secretly glad he had to work!

On a more somber note. My friend Peter from work lost his father tonight. His dad fought a good fight against cancer for several months. I am so sad for Peter and his family - his dad was too young to have to go so soon but I do believe he is in a better place now, no pain to endure every day. His father was loved by so many people and will be missed by so many more. My heart goes out to Pete and his family in this trying time. We will be praying for you all!

Back to work tomorrow - should be a busy week - end of the month and down a sales guy all week. We will work hard and get it done!

Be well!

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