Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday the 30th

Well, Summer is almost over. I can hardly believe its the end of August already - but the end of August brings the start of September and our wedding season! Lauren and Ben are getting married next weekend in Lake City - it's going to be so much fun I can hardly stand it. They have a live band for their reception - Pert Near Sandstone - I have seen them before and they are great so it should be an awesome time. And we are all camping so I am sure there will be plenty of after hours shenanigans going on. Again, no Zoe that weekend so mommy and daddy will get to play with the big kids for a night!
We also have Stef and Steve's wedding on Oct 4th. We are going to use the occasion to get away for a weekend to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary (oct 2nd). We don't typically make too big of a deal of our anniversary - especially last year - I can't recall what we did, if anything. I was incredibly pregnant so I am sure we just had some dinner or something. We should be able to have a more exciting time this year. We are going to head to the lake on Friday - Rob is going to play golf with all of the guys - I may just bum around for the day or head to the cabin and help with any pre-wedding things I can help with. The wedding is on Saturday and should be a great time. I am really loving all of these non-traditional weddings we are getting to go to this year. Two weddings, both out of town, both camping - pretty cool!

Today was not very productive but that was okay. We got Zoe's other car seat set up so Rob can put that in his car - she is officially too big for her infant seat - sniff, sniff. Rob did some laundry, we played with Zoe and just enjoyed the day. Zoe and I dropped Rob off at Shane's for the bachelor party. Got a call from Meagan - her parents live only a couple blocks from Shane so we went to see her - they just got in town late last night. We hung out with her for an hour or so - Rhys was with the grandparents and arrived just as we were getting ready to go. Zoe got to see her boyfriend for a little bit before we left. Rhys is adorable - he is getting so big - already 4 months old. We will see them again before they leave - they are here for over a week this trip so that is great.
Made it over to my mom's house to hang with her, Matt and Tanya for a little bit. Played some wii and then Tanya and Matt left for their evening out.
Z and I headed home - she fell asleep before I was even out of my mom's driveway. made it home and changed her diaper, put her bed and she was out for the count.
On my way home I was about to go through the light at Noble and 36th and I saw this squad car do a u-turn and pull in to my lane - I already had my turn signal on to make my left on to Major. I started to turn and his lights went on - I pulled over to the right - with my heart in my throat because I couldn't fathom why I would be getting pulled over. Then all of a sudden he gunned it and pulled over the van that had turned right before me. Good grief - he scared the crap out of me! Not sure why she got pulled over but they were still out there after I came in to the house, put Zoe to bed and then brought Buddy outside. If it was just a speeding ticket he sure took a long time to issue it. Oh well, it's not really any of my business - just glad it wasn't me that was getting pulled over!
Well, Rob is still at his party - not sure if I am looking forward to him coming home tonight - he has been out with these guys since 5pm! That can't lead to many good things!
I better get to bed since the peanut will be up by 8 no matter what time I go to bed! I am fairly confident that Rob will not be getting up to tend to her in the morning! In fact I would bet just about anything on that! That's okay - it's my turn tomorrow night!
Take care, be well!

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