Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday 23rd - First State Fair for Zoe

Rob had his club championship first round Saturday morning - he played okay. It definitely shows that he is unable to play as often as he is used to these days. Taking care of Zoe during the day has trumped rounds of golf! He shot a 76 - the leader was at 73 - so he could definitely still pull off his third straight club championship!

But, before he golfs again on Sunday in the final round we are heading to THE FAIR! Because of our schedules the best day for us to take Zoe to the fair is Saturday - I know, we must be half crazy - but what are you going to do!

The plan was to try out my new carrier - it is a back carrier and front carrier - so we tried it on before we left the house - not too bad and much less bulky than the Kelty backpack carrier that we have. Our friends Missy, Travis and Bruce went with us to the fair. We went to the fair last year with Missy and Travis - I was pregnant - but we went to see The Allman Brothers Band - it was much hotter that day - and boy was I tired the next day after a day at the fair half way through my pregnancy! This year - the weather was perfect - sunny but not too hot and the evening cooled off perfectly.

We made a bee line to the cattle barn and the pig barn. The cows are always my favorite part of the fair. I had to make sure Zoe experienced it and learned to love it at an early age!

We also made our way in to the pig barn - we saw some piglets and we saw the huge BOAR! They had reported on the news that they had a hard time finding really big pigs for the fair because the feed is so expensive this year they haven't been able to fatten up the pigs as well this year. I didn't see any pigs that appeared to be lacking food!

We had some beers, we had some pronto pups, Zoe had formula, we had some alligator - we even had some chocolate covered bacon! Don't laugh - it was actually pretty good. That Dave - he sure knows what he is doing!

Little did we know that the Backstreet Boys were playing at the Grandstand on Saturday - had we known in advance I am certain Rob would have wanted to get tickets! Yeah, right! It was pretty funny to see the young girls around the fair during the day with their tshirts painted with puffy paint - I "heart" Nick! or I "heart" BSB! Some of these girls I am not even sure were born when the BSB were first popular. Reminded missy and I of the whole New Kids on the Block phenom. Not that we were big fans of the NKOTB! We just heard about it! :)

We made it through our first MN Fair with Zoe - she was a perfect baby as usual. She even dozed off a bit when we stood outside the grandstand at the end of the night - you could hear the Backstreet boys - I am assuming that she was lulled to sleep by their performance - she is her mother's daughter!

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