Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday the 29th

Friday -
I normally work at my home office on Fridays but this week I have an interview to be at so I had to head in to the office. It actually worked out well - it was pretty busy Friday morning so being in the office was a little easier. However, the reason I was there ended up not showing up! I waited for 20 minutes and the girl never showed - I hope she is okay and if she is than I just think she is rude for not showing up. I know it happens but I also know I didn't appreciate it - I was so busy and could really have used those 20 minutes to other things! Oh well - I am over it. Just made our decision that much easier - we already pretty much knew who we wanted but Friday's events just solidified it.
Pete's dad's viewing was Friday - I sure hope Pete did okay. I was unable to talk to him on Friday so I am not sure how the rest of the week went for him since I hadn't spoken to him since Wednesday. They have his father's funeral service on Saturday and they are expecting over 400 people to attend. I can't imagine being able to attract 400 people to my memorial service - that just really speaks to who his father was and the number of people he touched during his life. I am sure that Peter and his family are so proud. They are in my thoughts this weekend!

Missy and I went to visit Jarrod in the hospital today. Missy had been there on Wed night and Jarrod was awake and able to respond to yes/no questions - he got kind of agitated while they were there - but the nurse again reassured that this was a good sign since he was able to move his arms and legs. Well, Friday morning Jarrod got a trach - they decided that since he is going to be in the hospital for awhile longer it was a better option than having the big tube over his face. When a person wears that other harness over their head for too long it begins to chaff their skin and cause some skin irritation. So, now he has the trach and should be more comfortable when he is awake and such. He is still unable to talk but the breathing will be easier. They have determined that his lungs are just not up to the chore on their own - he is only getting dialysis every other day for four hours - his kidneys are functioning but not to the point where he no longer needs help. He was pretty heavily sedated while we there due to the trach surgery earlier in the day - he had been in some pain earlier so they knocked him out. The nurse that was there was great as usual - answered all of our questions and was willing to talk to us about everything. Jarrod still has an infection that they still are unsure where it is located - they biopsied his stomach earlier this week but no one was able to tell us the outcome of that - not sure if they know but because we are not family they are unable to tell us or if they really just don't have the results back yet. While we were there he was getting dialysis and that normally should lower your temp but his was still 102 degrees. So, it will be good if they can determine where the infection is and treat it so that part gets better. Overall he looked better - since you can see his face now - he looks more like our friend Jarrod. It will be good to go back to see him again in a day or two so he will be awake and actually see that we are there. Not sure what I will say to him - probably just let him know that we love him and can't wait for him to get better - not sure what else would really be appropriate at this point. The picture I gave his mom of Zoe is hanging up on his wall so I know he has seen her - I just really can't wait for him to meet her in person and be able to hang out with her. I know she is going to like him as much as she likes all of our other friends!

Went to Sara and Mike's tonight with Missy. Brandon was so excited to see Zoe and the feeling was mutual. He is so good with her and she really likes him. Mike and Sara just moved in to their new house - it's still so new that it has that new home smell when you walk in. It's a beautiful home - they really did a great job and have a wonderful new home. It seems like a good neighborhood and they are close to the schools so that will be good when Brandon gets older. It really made me want a new house though! I was already feeling like a new home but now I really have the itch - too bad we have a house to sell or I would start looking!

Tomorrow is the start of our long weekend! Meagan and Will are in town from Georgia with Baby Rhys. Rob and Will are going to the bachelor party for Ben S tomorrow night. I am sure they will have a great time. But even more exciting is that Meagan and I are going to Lauren's bachelorette party on Sunday night. Holy crap - a night out with the ladies with no babies! Whatever will I do with myself??? Oh yeah, have some drinks and enjoy myself. Zoe is going to stay the night at my mom's so she will be in good hands so mommy can go out and play! Yeah!

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