Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Friday the 22nd

Another day working from home - so busy! My coworker Pete is going through a tough time - his father is really ill and is going down hill rather quickly. I am sending all the prayers I can to him and his family during this terrible time.
Pretty uneventful day other than work. I had to run to the bank so Zoe and I did that after my work day was done. She is so good - I can bring her anywhere without much worry about what could happen.
Zoe and I spent the evening at home - playing and hanging out together. I did about 4 loads of laundry throughout the night. I had been doing some major slacking on the laundry front. But, when you run out of burp rags that is when you know you need to do some laundry.
Got Zoe to bed at a decent hour - needed to get her sleep for our day at the fair tomorrow - yes, we are going to the fair on a Saturday. We have to - with Rob and I's schedules Sat is the only day that really works for us. We think we have bruce, Missy and Travis all talked in to going with us as well.
It should be a fun day - but first Rob has to play his first round of the club championship at his course. he got a really early tee time - seems to be the only thing that can get him out of bed that early in the morning! :)
That's all for now. I will add some pics from the fair - should be good!

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