Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall Ball

It's Tuesday - one of my days that I work from home. It's so great to be able to work a couple of days at home and still be able to be with Zoe throughout the day. I still get a lot of work done and know where my baby is and who is taking care of her. It's working really well for us so hopefully I will be able to continue for awhile longer.
Fall softball started tonight. We had a late game (8:15), it's amazing what you consider late when an 8 month rules your world. My dad always comes to these games so he can watch Zoe for me while Sue and I play ball. Tonight my brother, Tanya and my mom came to the game. We played really well - we won 17-2 - quick game.
I have actually played a lot of softball this summer. I played Monday and Tuesday nights as usual - for the Cardinal team on Monday and the Pink team on Tuesdays. I have played with the Cardinal girls for about 8 years now, and the Pink girls for three. I really enjoying getting to play - I have to thank my mom, my dad and my in-laws for making sure that I had Zoe taken care of since Rob is working during my games. I also got to play ball with my little brother this summer for the first time! He played on a co-ed team on Friday nights in Burnsville - they were short women a couple times and I got to play with them. It was really fun to be on the field with my brother.
Pretty uneventful day - Zoe ate really well today - she also took a great nap (2.5 hours). She has started to really express herself when you take something away from her. She is fascinated with the remote for the tv - so being the smart mom I thought I was - I bought her a toy remote - so not the same. She gets agitated when you take the real remote away from her. She also has become obsessed with my car keys - I have decided that I will not be delusional in thinking that the toy keys she has will replace the clinking of my real keys. I just try to make sure she can't see them - otherwise she grabs for them and then its angry time when I have to take them back so I can drive or unlock a door. It's funny the things that she is starting to do these days. She is crawling like a machine and is most content when standing - walking can't be very far behind. So torn when it comes to the walking thing. I see these cute little people walking around with their parents and I think I can't wait for Zoe to be walking - but then I start to think about all of the added stress that comes with the walking and I start to shake. It will be okay - it's just one more thing to get used to with this whole parenting deal! I love it!!!!
Got to get to bed!

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