Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday the 30th

Well, Summer is almost over. I can hardly believe its the end of August already - but the end of August brings the start of September and our wedding season! Lauren and Ben are getting married next weekend in Lake City - it's going to be so much fun I can hardly stand it. They have a live band for their reception - Pert Near Sandstone - I have seen them before and they are great so it should be an awesome time. And we are all camping so I am sure there will be plenty of after hours shenanigans going on. Again, no Zoe that weekend so mommy and daddy will get to play with the big kids for a night!
We also have Stef and Steve's wedding on Oct 4th. We are going to use the occasion to get away for a weekend to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary (oct 2nd). We don't typically make too big of a deal of our anniversary - especially last year - I can't recall what we did, if anything. I was incredibly pregnant so I am sure we just had some dinner or something. We should be able to have a more exciting time this year. We are going to head to the lake on Friday - Rob is going to play golf with all of the guys - I may just bum around for the day or head to the cabin and help with any pre-wedding things I can help with. The wedding is on Saturday and should be a great time. I am really loving all of these non-traditional weddings we are getting to go to this year. Two weddings, both out of town, both camping - pretty cool!

Today was not very productive but that was okay. We got Zoe's other car seat set up so Rob can put that in his car - she is officially too big for her infant seat - sniff, sniff. Rob did some laundry, we played with Zoe and just enjoyed the day. Zoe and I dropped Rob off at Shane's for the bachelor party. Got a call from Meagan - her parents live only a couple blocks from Shane so we went to see her - they just got in town late last night. We hung out with her for an hour or so - Rhys was with the grandparents and arrived just as we were getting ready to go. Zoe got to see her boyfriend for a little bit before we left. Rhys is adorable - he is getting so big - already 4 months old. We will see them again before they leave - they are here for over a week this trip so that is great.
Made it over to my mom's house to hang with her, Matt and Tanya for a little bit. Played some wii and then Tanya and Matt left for their evening out.
Z and I headed home - she fell asleep before I was even out of my mom's driveway. made it home and changed her diaper, put her bed and she was out for the count.
On my way home I was about to go through the light at Noble and 36th and I saw this squad car do a u-turn and pull in to my lane - I already had my turn signal on to make my left on to Major. I started to turn and his lights went on - I pulled over to the right - with my heart in my throat because I couldn't fathom why I would be getting pulled over. Then all of a sudden he gunned it and pulled over the van that had turned right before me. Good grief - he scared the crap out of me! Not sure why she got pulled over but they were still out there after I came in to the house, put Zoe to bed and then brought Buddy outside. If it was just a speeding ticket he sure took a long time to issue it. Oh well, it's not really any of my business - just glad it wasn't me that was getting pulled over!
Well, Rob is still at his party - not sure if I am looking forward to him coming home tonight - he has been out with these guys since 5pm! That can't lead to many good things!
I better get to bed since the peanut will be up by 8 no matter what time I go to bed! I am fairly confident that Rob will not be getting up to tend to her in the morning! In fact I would bet just about anything on that! That's okay - it's my turn tomorrow night!
Take care, be well!

Friday the 29th

Friday -
I normally work at my home office on Fridays but this week I have an interview to be at so I had to head in to the office. It actually worked out well - it was pretty busy Friday morning so being in the office was a little easier. However, the reason I was there ended up not showing up! I waited for 20 minutes and the girl never showed - I hope she is okay and if she is than I just think she is rude for not showing up. I know it happens but I also know I didn't appreciate it - I was so busy and could really have used those 20 minutes to other things! Oh well - I am over it. Just made our decision that much easier - we already pretty much knew who we wanted but Friday's events just solidified it.
Pete's dad's viewing was Friday - I sure hope Pete did okay. I was unable to talk to him on Friday so I am not sure how the rest of the week went for him since I hadn't spoken to him since Wednesday. They have his father's funeral service on Saturday and they are expecting over 400 people to attend. I can't imagine being able to attract 400 people to my memorial service - that just really speaks to who his father was and the number of people he touched during his life. I am sure that Peter and his family are so proud. They are in my thoughts this weekend!

Missy and I went to visit Jarrod in the hospital today. Missy had been there on Wed night and Jarrod was awake and able to respond to yes/no questions - he got kind of agitated while they were there - but the nurse again reassured that this was a good sign since he was able to move his arms and legs. Well, Friday morning Jarrod got a trach - they decided that since he is going to be in the hospital for awhile longer it was a better option than having the big tube over his face. When a person wears that other harness over their head for too long it begins to chaff their skin and cause some skin irritation. So, now he has the trach and should be more comfortable when he is awake and such. He is still unable to talk but the breathing will be easier. They have determined that his lungs are just not up to the chore on their own - he is only getting dialysis every other day for four hours - his kidneys are functioning but not to the point where he no longer needs help. He was pretty heavily sedated while we there due to the trach surgery earlier in the day - he had been in some pain earlier so they knocked him out. The nurse that was there was great as usual - answered all of our questions and was willing to talk to us about everything. Jarrod still has an infection that they still are unsure where it is located - they biopsied his stomach earlier this week but no one was able to tell us the outcome of that - not sure if they know but because we are not family they are unable to tell us or if they really just don't have the results back yet. While we were there he was getting dialysis and that normally should lower your temp but his was still 102 degrees. So, it will be good if they can determine where the infection is and treat it so that part gets better. Overall he looked better - since you can see his face now - he looks more like our friend Jarrod. It will be good to go back to see him again in a day or two so he will be awake and actually see that we are there. Not sure what I will say to him - probably just let him know that we love him and can't wait for him to get better - not sure what else would really be appropriate at this point. The picture I gave his mom of Zoe is hanging up on his wall so I know he has seen her - I just really can't wait for him to meet her in person and be able to hang out with her. I know she is going to like him as much as she likes all of our other friends!

Went to Sara and Mike's tonight with Missy. Brandon was so excited to see Zoe and the feeling was mutual. He is so good with her and she really likes him. Mike and Sara just moved in to their new house - it's still so new that it has that new home smell when you walk in. It's a beautiful home - they really did a great job and have a wonderful new home. It seems like a good neighborhood and they are close to the schools so that will be good when Brandon gets older. It really made me want a new house though! I was already feeling like a new home but now I really have the itch - too bad we have a house to sell or I would start looking!

Tomorrow is the start of our long weekend! Meagan and Will are in town from Georgia with Baby Rhys. Rob and Will are going to the bachelor party for Ben S tomorrow night. I am sure they will have a great time. But even more exciting is that Meagan and I are going to Lauren's bachelorette party on Sunday night. Holy crap - a night out with the ladies with no babies! Whatever will I do with myself??? Oh yeah, have some drinks and enjoy myself. Zoe is going to stay the night at my mom's so she will be in good hands so mommy can go out and play! Yeah!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wow - where has the week gone!

So, haven't had much time to get online and update this lovely blog. Work was crazy this week - down a team member and the end of the month - crazy customers come out of the wood work - but it's good - we like to make money.
Tuesday - my mom and brother wanted to head to the fair so Zoe and I gladly accepted the invitation to go along. We had a great time walking around and seeing all of the fun things the fair has to offer. We made it to the Miracle of Birth building this time - it was neat - there was a new cow being born while we there - couldn't see anything - way too many people. We had Zoe in the stroller this time - less people, really wished I had just worn her though. She seems to be more content on me when we are at things like that - she likes the higher vantage point. Oh well - lesson learned I guess. We also had a chance to hear some great music. Tea Leaf Green was playing at the Heritage Square stage - I had known they were going to be there but figured I was going to miss out since we had already gone to the fair over the weekend. We lucked out - Zoe really enjoyed the music - not so sure matt did - but Zoe sure did. She's going to be a music lover just like her mama. I try to expose her to all kinds of music, not just what I am a big fan of - try to make sure she can make up her own mind about what kind of music she grows up to like.
But of course I certainly try to steer her in the right direction.
Wednesday - Zoe hangs with the in-laws on Wed - she digs it and we dig that she is with family when we are both at work. Rob picks her up on his way home - so I am able to work a little late on Wed if needed - this week it was needed. I made taco pie for dinner and we just hung out at the house for the evening. It's our one night when all three of us are at home. It's nice - however, it does present some problems at bedtime. She is so used to just having me at home when she goes down for the night that having Rob around at bedtime is confusing - she still thinks its play time even though she is extremely tired. So, a little late to bed but not a big deal!
Thursday - Zoe was at the in-laws again this afternoon - she normally goes to Rob's sisters on Thursday afternoons but they had a conflict this week so she went to MPLS instead. I picked her up after work - I worked late again - thank goodness the in-laws really like having Zoe around! They even let me stay for dinner- grilled chicken, squash and salad - way better than the bowl of cereal I probably would have eaten at home after putting Zoe to bed. Really have to work on the nutrition! Got home almost at bed time - so we ran through the routine and Zoe went to bed. Pretty uneventful - I have to go in to the office on Friday morning - have one more interview before my boss makes a decision on our new hire. It will sure be nice to get someone hired and working to help out around there!

Well one more day of work until the long weekend! Take care!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monday 25th - Pedicure day!

Today is the day that Tracy and I go get our fancy pedicures. I typically just go to the little strip mall places to get my pedicures - it's cheap, quick and they do a decent job. But, my dad and Sue bought me a gift certificate for The Sanctuary SalonSpa in Eden Prairie so I could go get a good pedicure. It turned out that Tracy had a gift certificate for the same place so we put our heads together and determined this would be a great opportunity for us to get together with no babies. Tracy has a 5 month old and an almost three year old - both girls - she is a SAHM so it's key for her to be able to get out of the house every now and then.
We made these appts a week ago so I have been looking forward to this for some time - I have not had a pedicure since Zoe was like three months old - that is way too long to go without one! My feet were literally screaming at me!
The pedicures were divine and it was so nice to sit and chat with Tracy. We didn't have to stop to feed anyone, hold anyone or get anyone a snack - it was great! We have decided that we need to make these types of things a more regular part of our routine! So looking forward to it!

After my pedicure I had a message from Missy with an update on Jarrod. They had been at the hospital and Jarrod was actually awake - still heavily sedated but awake. He had his eyes open and he could answer yes or now questions with a nod - but since he still is on the ventilator he obviously still can't talk. She did say that they have cut his dialysis down to every other day - that is such great news! And he did start to get a little agitated and tried to start breathing on his own - even though they don't want him to do this the nurse said it was good because it showed that he was aware of his surroundings, etc. I have to get to the hospital this week - I haven't been in quite a few days - I need to get there!

Sunday 24th - Renaissance Festival

First off - Rob shot a pretty decent round Sunday morning and was able to win his third straight Club Championship. I don't recall exactly what he shot but it was somewhere around 73. Because he is an amatuer he is unable to take prize money so they give him credit at the clubhouse store. So, for the third straight year at the END of the summer he has to try and spend the money on NOTHING. It's a bummer but he can't jeopardize his amatuer status at this point so it is what it is. Zoe and momma are very proud of our golfer daddy!

Now, because we didn't get enough of the people and festivities - Zoe and I decided to take on the Renaissance Festival with my mom, grandma. I have not been to the Renaissance Festival in a very long time - so long I can't even recall if I have been as an adult. I know that my parents used to bring Matt and I when were kids but don't remember going much after that. It's an interesting place - some people really get in to the whole thing and dress up to go and talk in those funny accents. I enjoy the whole thing but don't get that in to it and find it a bit odd - but not odd enough that I didn't want to go!

We threw Zoe in the stroller this time - less people and frankly my back was killing me from the 5 hours I wore her around the day before. She didn't seem to mind it too much!

One of the things I always associate with the Renaissance Festival is the Puke and Snot show. Last week I had heard that Snot passed away suddenly - never heard why or how. We stumbled across a stage at the festival that ended up being the stage where Puke and Snot perform. Zoe was hungry so we sat down and gave her a bottle and watched the show. There was an "opening act" - his name was Monkey Boy - he was quite funny, my mom enjoyed him thoroughly. He asked the crowd to participate so it was her invitation to act silly and for me not to be able to say anything about it because he was asking her to do this. It was funny and she enjoyed it so that was really all that mattered. As I get older and begin to raise my own daughter I am trying to become a little less worried about what people think and just enjoy life. I was able to do that much easier when I was younger - I guess somewhere along the line I was jaded by something - still not really sure what it was. But, I have decided to make an effort to just let my mom be the silly, crazy, wonderful woman she is - besides, its her way of releasing stress and trying to keep her sanity - between her job and my grandma's health - she could use a little stress relief. That's a big reason why I make sure Zoe and I see her as much as possible - I know it makes her day to see that smile on my baby's face! And it makes my day to see my child light up when she sees her grandma.

Got sidetracked there - Puke & Snot - the original Snot did pass away suddenly - but Puke had a new Snot performing with him this day - you could tell they haven't worked together as much but they were still very funny and very entertaining. The new Snot did a great job - he had some big shoes to fill and I am sure there is a lot of pressure on him, and for Puke to go out there and do his show with someone new so close to his friend's death - I admire him and respect him greatly. It was a great show! God speed Snot!

We walked around the festival - we watched a brief demo of glass blowing, we watched people throw tomatoes at a guy that was throwing insults at them, we watched an enormous rocking pony as kids sat on top and rocked back and forth, and Zoe and grandma watched as I attempted to catapult frogs and try and win my kid a prize - I sucked - personally I don't think the game was constructed so that any one could win - but either way I was terrible. Oh well, no feather for Zoe.

On our way out of the festival I wanted to get Zoe one of those little wreaths with the flowers and flowy strings at the back - you know the little crowns. I had one as a kid and I thought it would be cool to get Zoe one to commemorate her first Renaissance Festival. So, we stopped at the shop that was right by the exit door. They had nice ones and they were only $9 - which was about half the cost of some of the other ones we saw inside - I decided that we would go with the cheaper one as Zoe is only 8.5 months old and will probably never actually get to wear it - it will hang on her wall or something. We did snap some pics of her with it on though - the ladies were nice and made it as small as they could so it sort of fit her, she liked the strings more than anything - shocking isn't it!

We were there until the end - 7pm. It was actually pretty funny to be there when everyone was leaving. All of the "actors" that work at the festival were waiting outside the gates as you left to say goodbye. I was carrying Zoe and my mom was pushing the stroller - at least three people came over to us and gave us their story about how you have to leave with as many people as you came in with so we needed to go back in and find our baby - no one seemed to notice I was actually carrying the 23lb missing baby! One of the girls was so adamant that she even climbed in to the stroller - luckily she was small because I may have been annoyed about that - not a cheap stroller - please don't bust it! It was funny though - I think she surprised her coworkers that she actually did it - they all were laughing and pointing in shock!

She's cute - kind of reminds me of Trista Sutter (Bachelorette)

We also came across this guy - appears he had a good day at "work" - taking a nap - sleeping it off!

And check out these guys - they were bringing people out to their cars!

Another successful day - another great day for my perfect baby! Okay, she's not perfect, but she is really good! Another day of firsts! Of course we missed having Daddy with us - although I am not sure he would have gone anyway. I think he was secretly glad he had to work!

On a more somber note. My friend Peter from work lost his father tonight. His dad fought a good fight against cancer for several months. I am so sad for Peter and his family - his dad was too young to have to go so soon but I do believe he is in a better place now, no pain to endure every day. His father was loved by so many people and will be missed by so many more. My heart goes out to Pete and his family in this trying time. We will be praying for you all!

Back to work tomorrow - should be a busy week - end of the month and down a sales guy all week. We will work hard and get it done!

Be well!

Saturday 23rd - First State Fair for Zoe

Rob had his club championship first round Saturday morning - he played okay. It definitely shows that he is unable to play as often as he is used to these days. Taking care of Zoe during the day has trumped rounds of golf! He shot a 76 - the leader was at 73 - so he could definitely still pull off his third straight club championship!

But, before he golfs again on Sunday in the final round we are heading to THE FAIR! Because of our schedules the best day for us to take Zoe to the fair is Saturday - I know, we must be half crazy - but what are you going to do!

The plan was to try out my new carrier - it is a back carrier and front carrier - so we tried it on before we left the house - not too bad and much less bulky than the Kelty backpack carrier that we have. Our friends Missy, Travis and Bruce went with us to the fair. We went to the fair last year with Missy and Travis - I was pregnant - but we went to see The Allman Brothers Band - it was much hotter that day - and boy was I tired the next day after a day at the fair half way through my pregnancy! This year - the weather was perfect - sunny but not too hot and the evening cooled off perfectly.

We made a bee line to the cattle barn and the pig barn. The cows are always my favorite part of the fair. I had to make sure Zoe experienced it and learned to love it at an early age!

We also made our way in to the pig barn - we saw some piglets and we saw the huge BOAR! They had reported on the news that they had a hard time finding really big pigs for the fair because the feed is so expensive this year they haven't been able to fatten up the pigs as well this year. I didn't see any pigs that appeared to be lacking food!

We had some beers, we had some pronto pups, Zoe had formula, we had some alligator - we even had some chocolate covered bacon! Don't laugh - it was actually pretty good. That Dave - he sure knows what he is doing!

Little did we know that the Backstreet Boys were playing at the Grandstand on Saturday - had we known in advance I am certain Rob would have wanted to get tickets! Yeah, right! It was pretty funny to see the young girls around the fair during the day with their tshirts painted with puffy paint - I "heart" Nick! or I "heart" BSB! Some of these girls I am not even sure were born when the BSB were first popular. Reminded missy and I of the whole New Kids on the Block phenom. Not that we were big fans of the NKOTB! We just heard about it! :)

We made it through our first MN Fair with Zoe - she was a perfect baby as usual. She even dozed off a bit when we stood outside the grandstand at the end of the night - you could hear the Backstreet boys - I am assuming that she was lulled to sleep by their performance - she is her mother's daughter!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Friday the 22nd

Another day working from home - so busy! My coworker Pete is going through a tough time - his father is really ill and is going down hill rather quickly. I am sending all the prayers I can to him and his family during this terrible time.
Pretty uneventful day other than work. I had to run to the bank so Zoe and I did that after my work day was done. She is so good - I can bring her anywhere without much worry about what could happen.
Zoe and I spent the evening at home - playing and hanging out together. I did about 4 loads of laundry throughout the night. I had been doing some major slacking on the laundry front. But, when you run out of burp rags that is when you know you need to do some laundry.
Got Zoe to bed at a decent hour - needed to get her sleep for our day at the fair tomorrow - yes, we are going to the fair on a Saturday. We have to - with Rob and I's schedules Sat is the only day that really works for us. We think we have bruce, Missy and Travis all talked in to going with us as well.
It should be a fun day - but first Rob has to play his first round of the club championship at his course. he got a really early tee time - seems to be the only thing that can get him out of bed that early in the morning! :)
That's all for now. I will add some pics from the fair - should be good!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday 8/21

Pretty uneventful day - which is good. The Twins won - it took 12 innings but we got it done. They are on quite the roll right now - I think it's safe to say we should be seeing some playoff time this year. pretty exciting considering this was supposed to be a big rebuilding year after losing Hunter and Santana. I just have to say Nick Punto is awesome! Of course I will always stay true to my obsession to Dan Gladden, but as far as current players go - nick is pretty awesome! he gets a bad rap most of the time - but he can be clutch when he needs to be and he is a demon in the infield!
had dinner over at my dad's last night. it was a good time, Zoe was a good girl despite not getting much of a nap. She is strange like that - one day she will take a three hour nap without any trouble and the next day she will hardly sleep for a half hour. I guess some days she is just more interested what is happening so she has a hard time sleeping. She is still sleeping great at night though. We are quite lucky!
It's finally Friday - thank goodness for the weekend. Rob has his club championship this weekend - wish him luck - he doesn't get to practice much these days so he has his work cut out for him! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall Ball

It's Tuesday - one of my days that I work from home. It's so great to be able to work a couple of days at home and still be able to be with Zoe throughout the day. I still get a lot of work done and know where my baby is and who is taking care of her. It's working really well for us so hopefully I will be able to continue for awhile longer.
Fall softball started tonight. We had a late game (8:15), it's amazing what you consider late when an 8 month rules your world. My dad always comes to these games so he can watch Zoe for me while Sue and I play ball. Tonight my brother, Tanya and my mom came to the game. We played really well - we won 17-2 - quick game.
I have actually played a lot of softball this summer. I played Monday and Tuesday nights as usual - for the Cardinal team on Monday and the Pink team on Tuesdays. I have played with the Cardinal girls for about 8 years now, and the Pink girls for three. I really enjoying getting to play - I have to thank my mom, my dad and my in-laws for making sure that I had Zoe taken care of since Rob is working during my games. I also got to play ball with my little brother this summer for the first time! He played on a co-ed team on Friday nights in Burnsville - they were short women a couple times and I got to play with them. It was really fun to be on the field with my brother.
Pretty uneventful day - Zoe ate really well today - she also took a great nap (2.5 hours). She has started to really express herself when you take something away from her. She is fascinated with the remote for the tv - so being the smart mom I thought I was - I bought her a toy remote - so not the same. She gets agitated when you take the real remote away from her. She also has become obsessed with my car keys - I have decided that I will not be delusional in thinking that the toy keys she has will replace the clinking of my real keys. I just try to make sure she can't see them - otherwise she grabs for them and then its angry time when I have to take them back so I can drive or unlock a door. It's funny the things that she is starting to do these days. She is crawling like a machine and is most content when standing - walking can't be very far behind. So torn when it comes to the walking thing. I see these cute little people walking around with their parents and I think I can't wait for Zoe to be walking - but then I start to think about all of the added stress that comes with the walking and I start to shake. It will be okay - it's just one more thing to get used to with this whole parenting deal! I love it!!!!
Got to get to bed!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Nephew James

So, my brother and his ex-wife share custody of my nephew James. The only problem with that is that James and his mom currently live in Seattle, WA and my brother and the rest of our family live here in Minnesota. My brother moved back to MN in December 07 and he has been without James for most of that time. They talk on the phone multiple times a day and Matt went out there to visit earlier this year. As Matt says, it's their story and they make it work.

This summer my nephew was able to come to MN and spend 8 weeks here living with my brother and my mom. It was so great! Since Zoe was born in December, James had not met her yet. James actually spent his second day in MN at our house - my brother had to work and did not have daycare arranged until the following week. It was more than our pleasure to have James at our house for the day. He sat on the floor and hung out with Zoe the entire morning. He played with her like he had been around her since the day she was born - it was so awesome!

We all did so much this summer while James was here. We went to a few Twins games, James came to a bunch of my softball games, we had dinners, we had lunches, we went to cheesy 4th of July carnivals, we had root beer floats, we went mini golfing, we spent almost an entire week in a little three bedroom cabin in the Brainerd Lakes area - anything to be able to be with each other and spend time together, because we knew unfortunately that it would have to come to an end.

Zoe and I went to the Twins game yesterday with James, Matt, my mom and my aunt Marion and uncle Rick. It was a great time - we hung out at my mom's house last night playing Wii until I had to get Zoe home. I really wanted to cry as I gave James about 6 hugs just cause I didn't want to let him go. I held back my tears until I was in the car on the way home.
Sadly, James had to pack up and leave us today. He got on a plane back to Seattle this morning - has to get back so he can get ready for the school year to start (he's going to be a first grader).

James is my favorite 6 year old - he is such a great kid and I am really going to miss getting to see him whenever I want. We promised to keep in touch - his cousin Zoe loves him so much. I can't wait until we can take Zoe to Seattle so she can see where James lives when he is not here to entertain her!

We love you James - we already miss you a ton! Kisses and hugs!

First Post

Well, here we go. I read some blogs pretty religiously but never thought about having my own blog. Until today when I saw a blog that a friend from high school has - she is a teacher so she is far more creative than I am (maybe I will get better) but she has a great way of capturing the daily activities of her family (she has two adorable boys). I thought I would give this a try and see what happens.
A couple of the blogs that I read really have a purpose - my favorite is a young dad that become a single father the day after his baby was born. His wife died tragically the day after she gave birth to their baby girl from a pulmonary embolism. His story is tragic, heartbreaking, but more importantly its a story about courage and perseverence. He has charged on when so many would have just curled up in a ball and told the world to go away - but he didn't have that option - he had a brand new baby to care for.
On a daily basis I am floored by the days he and his daughter have - she has flown over 8 times already and has already been out of the country. It's impressive! I usually pat myself on the back when we get to Target and home with no major diaper explosions, crying attacks or something! We all aspire to something right!
Anyway, I want this to kind of be a way for me to recount the antics of Zoe, Rob and I so I can remember what we were up to without having to remember to fill out that darn baby book. I wish I had started earlier but this will have to do.
I will enjoy this whether I am the only that ever really sees it or if my friends, family and strangers read it too. I will try and include pics too as I do have the cutest baby ever! Hehe!

Take care, be well